Merkaba ‎– Language Of Light

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Merkaba ‎– Language Of Light
    Language Of Light

      1. Solar Ohm
      2. The Link
      3. Primal Earthly Pledge
      4. Divine Mother Tree
      5. Tantric Fusion
      6. Organical Mechanical
      7. Icaro


Probably not all know what in general is Merkaba, so I guess it will be the most correctly when I start to explain the name of it. Mer – Ka – Ba in a free translation are the terms relating in sequence to Body – Mind – Soul. MER represents a specific type of light as it was understood in Egypt during the reign of the eighteenth dynasty, before the reorientation of religion has brought the war between God and the rest of the creatures. It is the specific type of area that is generated during our breath. KA has to map our spiritual realm or more colloquially – the soul. BA on the other hand is a spiritual way of interpreting the reality. Since we have made the genesis of the name of the project, I think it is time to focus on what I think should be the most important for us, that is the music itself. I have just bumped into this album while reading one of the forums that I am a regular reader and even though it has not gained a particularly positive feedback there, I have decided to try it by myself. What was the result of that? Just read!

Merkaba is one-man project coming straight from Australia, which is inspired by such genres as: fusion jazz, funk, dubstep, techno or break beat, and those influences can certainly be found in the tracks, though Merkaba classifies his music as 'psychedelic progressive trance and an epic dance floor journey of healing and awakening’. LANGUAGE OF LIGHT is not a typical chillout album, certainly it goes a little bit (if not a lot) beyond what is commonly regarded as befits the music from downtempo genre. There is a lot of raw, minimal playing so characteristic for a well known Australian label Zenon Records, with which Merkaba is affiliated. So all those who love the work of Sensient and other artists operating under the wings of Zenon Records, the featured album called LANGUAGE OF LIGHT should satisfy. Of course, for sure this is not the same thing, which Sensient and the company gave us in their productions, but for sure you can find here a common denominator.

Overall, this album is not an amazing one, certainly it is not a particularly important event in the publishing market. It is just another disc, which can be attached to a collection. Personally I am not very overwhelmed by the album but I think I will just give it another chance.


8 / 10