[ Bielsko Biała ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Silesia
    WHAT: Style: chill-out, ambient, el-jazz, electro. Tone: jin jang, black and white (like piano keys), respect for the rules and breaking them.
    ALBUM: material at least for some
    PARTY: with friends
    LIKE: cats
    DISLIKE: noise
    PRIVATELY: Adrian – zodiac Aquarius, mental cat, the soul man.
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Audioformacja is a project of Adrian Tomaszewski. It is simply music without unnecessary philosophy and ideology. Noninvasive music, which does not mind that comes while you are doing something what you like. Sounds like good coffee – add flavor to moments. The inspiration is … surrounding world.

Audioformacja is not limited to just one style. Sounds of typical jazz instruments combined with electronic accents. Acoustic bassline and drums are composed with synthesizers, and not typical insertions. The goal is always the same: harmony, breaking the pattern and the lack of repetition of one boring phrase in half of the song.

Adrian created the songs and sound effects for commercials and advertisements, telephone hotlines and websites. Pursued musical projects including for brands and companies such as Mastercook (music to television advertising campaign „Nadaje ton”), Delicje, Philip Morris, KFC, Samsung, Pilsner Urquell.