Abakus – Indu

English / Polish version

Abakus - Indu

      A – Indu
      B – Indu (Shiloh Remix)


Abakus that is to say Russell Davies, all of his albums preceded by the release of an EP. The year 2004 is a great THAT MUCH CLOSER TO THE SUN, which was preceded by the vinyl production of INDU straight from LSD Records, where was concluded the track with the same title in two different arrangements. INDU in the original version is a production full of positive vibrations, emanating energy and containing within itself all chillout diagrams, which it should contain. It is great for light stamping over the starry sky. Shiloh remix of INDU is a more sophisticated look at what was made before. For me there are too many artificial tones sounding like from a bad computer game, and the repetition and monotonous rhythm in the long run becomes wearisome. Black disc of Abakus consists of two like the same but very different proposals showing that the son of the founder of The Kinks definitely inherited his father’s talent.

7 / 10