Dhuna – No Doubt

English / Polish version

Dhuna - No Doubt
    No Doubt

      1. Intro (Make A Tribe)
      2. Free Will
      3. Lost not last
      4. Moving
      5. LSD (Lets See Dhuna)
      6. Make a tribe
      7. Wait for me
      8. Where are we going
      9. No Doubt
      10. Karma


For almost four years we have had to wait to be able to hear again some ‘obsessive’ achievements of a project called Dhuna, which continues its ambient and chillout, musical fascination by its album NO DOUBT. What is important, the project of Darek Stawicki has increased slightly its team, which permanent members are: Dariusz Zaczkowski (drums, didgeridoo) and Rena Biring (vocal). For Darek Stawicki there was little news in the project Dhuna and additionally in the album we can hear also the achievements of Sławek Czarnata and Tomek Wojtulewicz (guitar) and also the vocal of Helena Janek, known to us even from the previous album THE RETURN. This team after months of work, by an effort of an independent label Higher Taste Project, gives us not only a solid dose of pleasant and relaxing chillout, but also of some interesting and energetic sounds. We should also mention the huge participation of Andreas Markitanis and Kevin Paul; the first of them is the main producer and the other has done an excellent mastering of the album. As Darek Stawicki says, without those two people the album would never have such an interesting and encouraging tone.

So MAKE A TRIBE in a rhythmic tone and mystical atmosphere introduces us to a balanced and sorted style of Dhuna. An interesting and profound INTRO heralds the large dose of extraordinary sounds. In the subsequent tracks Dhuna does what it does best, that means that it delights our senses. FREE WILL or LOST NOT LAST are bright and lazy, chillout ballads that perfectly blend with the background of an evening rest and let us experience the power of the simple, gentle, female vocal. The album of Dhuna consists not only of some melting ballads, but also the dose of a vibrating energy. Some kind of intro of this kind of energy is the track called MOVING which wakes up the CD to the vibrating life. It is slightly lazy, a little bit progressive – a mixture that can explode every moment and completely change the character of the album. This is what is going on in the track LETS SEE DHUNA, which mainly thanks to ‘Dziki’ (Dariusz Zaczkowski) obtains the shamanic power. The track is trembling, shaking and certainly it gives a lot of positive energy to this album. The same tribal, shamanic style we can hear in the next track, which is the interesting arrangement of the initial INTRO, but with an addition of the female vocal and some twisted effects. This part of the album is definitely a dynamic trance side of Dhuna, which strongly and positively gets into my taste. The next positions in the album is a return to the subdued and quieter productions, in which the foreground is the vocal of Helena or Rena. WAIT FOR ME or KARMA are the tracks in which Dhuna again uses its abilities to make us lazy and allow to melt among the delicate and well-composed sounds. Just as it began, so it ends – blissfully and mystically.

Certainly the sound obsession is one of the most important things in life for Darek and I would like he had this obsession as often as possible. NO DOUBT is not the album that could be called the sensational one, but it is not also the album that I will put on the shelf after one hearing of it. You can feel the passion in it and above all the commitment and cooperation, which you can experience in many of the tracks and it gives the tracks the incredible character. There is nothing else to do just to press again the button ‘play’ and once again listen to the magical, tribal, downtempo sounds.


7.5 / 10