Sattyananda ‎– Mind Expansion

English / Polish version

 Sattyananda ‎– Mind Expansion
    Mind Expansion

      1. Shamans Calling
      2. Mind Expansion
      3. Rhythmic Flight
      4. The Existence Of Alien Life
      5. Eastern Mystic Rituals
      6. Alien Temples In Tibet
      7. Controversial Subject
      8. Extraterrestrial
      9. All Systems Are Operational


I will not elaborate too much about the project Sattyananda itself, I just mention that its roots are based in faraway India, and these influences can be heard without a slightest problem in its tracks. The reviewed MIND EXPANSION is the next album after DEEP SPACES. MEDITATION., which is released by a netlabel bearing a glorious name – Audio Aashram, that courageously and without any complexes shows the thing, which has been forgotten in recent psychedelic music, and which is an integral part of it, I mean: the content!

For me, the album is a kind of sentimental and very personal reminiscence of all that contributed to the fact, that I listen to this kind of music, that this is just the path I have chosen for myself, and probably I will not abandon it quickly. It reminds me of such albums as the iconic for me today: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – Pink Floyd, FIFTH DIMENSION – The Byrds, REVOLVER – The Beatles, STRANGE DAYS – The Doors, and some later, electronic creations of Shpongle, Hallucinogen, TIP, Transwave and Total Eclipse. You could ask: why? What connects all these projects, and even styles of music, which at first glance seem to be completely different from each other? However, the answer is trivial, regardless of whether it is a variety of rock, trance or downtempo music, the so-called common denominator binds them. It is hard to describe in words, you can only hear it, while listening to the sounds contained not only in the aforementioned albums, but also in this one, of which I am writing the review now.

Obviously, maybe it is not a classic example of psychedelic music, to which we have become accustomed by its pioneers, who in a sense have set trends, beyond which we should not go out. MIND EXPANSION is something completely new. The sound is a bit cleaner, you can see here a clear influence of the workshop of a good artist, but the depth, the message remain unchanged and can be easily comparable with the classics. Thus, we get a pretty solid, polished, comprehensive album, which certainly we can dedicate these several minutes.

8 / 10