Fredrik Öhr – Falling Through The Earth

English / Polish version

Fredrik Öhr - Falling Through The Earth
    Fredrik Öhr
    Falling Through The Earth

      1. Shadows Fly Behind You
      2. A Day For Great Deeds
      3. Eating Fog
      4. Enough Time
      5. Naaga
      6. Disorientation
      7. Message
      8. Airport Song
      9. Morning Ritualism
      10. Fell From The Sky
      11. Interlocked
      12. Delgermaa
      13. Return
      14. Falling Through The Earth


“Falling through the Earth offers a wonderful dreamy and fresh combination of North European atmospheres and textures interlaced with Asian influences, all dipped in 70s psychedelic delicate feel. Fredrik’s music has special warmth of instrumental and vocal work springing forth from sophisticated layers of electronic sounds, glitches and breaks creating an enchanting combination. Aleph Zero invites you to take part in this wonderful musical journey“.

Aleph Zero Records certainly is definitely one of my favorite psylabel. Undoubtedly, their productions are usually heralded a really good music, but moreover (for what I appreciate them most of) the reliability and professionalism. I must admit that for a long time, I rubbed my hands on the fact that another Aleph Zero album is publishing. Watching the various Internet forums, I came across the opinion that this album is going to be completely different from all previous. And here was born to answer the fundamental question which I am facing today. Since most (if not all) of Israel, Aleph previous albums were at least good, then what is the reason to change anything? Should we change anything what is perfect? Well, what for? First of all, I assure you that the album FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH, which I am going to criticize is completely different from the production to which we managed to get used to becaude of the the gentlemen and projects like Shulman, Bluetech, or even Omnimotion.

Actually speaking, and writing that the album is not a fusion of psychedelic sounds so the album cannot be a guide that can be recommended to enhance the experience on an expedition into the mountains, the forest or even walking in the rain. Everyone (including me) who is looking for the mysterious travel to the interior of itself, anyone who counts on the tour, which are hidden secrets to the other side of the doors of our perception will fail. Personally I had to initially verify that the residual disc in my cd player is sure to Fredrik Ohr. I rubbed my eyes with disbelief when it turned out that the music I am listening to is FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH. Why? Well, this album is much calmer. This is typically armchair/couch/sofa production, perfect for long autumn and winter evenings, preferably with a warming drink cup in your hand.

I started my adventure with FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH from hearing this album in the car while driving to work and I must admit that it did not make much impression on me. Such hooting and rumbling sounds there, I have not found even a single track, which I can keep in my memory. The all tracks seemed coalesce into one dull whole, which sometimes even a little irritated me. However, the turning point was there a subsequent cold Thursday evening, which I decided to spend at home. I decided to listen to FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH again, and then just experienced revelation. Album not only proved to be good, but even that is perfect for time of day and the mood in which I was then. Again, I feel that this album merges into one, but this time with one another perfectly harming whole. All sounds that previously I thought were unnecessary now I think are perfectly blends. Subtle, roam for 14 shorter or longer tracks the story tells a real, magical tale with a wonderful plot. Recipient instinctively closes their eyes and listens to a kaleidoscope of sounds, which through its lazy tempo allow such a precise interpretation, which we wish to take.

What is there much to write, the album FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH has proved to be synonymous with words like: relaxation and leisure. Flowing delicate and subtle tones make even dumped us into chairs or couch on which we decided to lie in and listen to that album. The mixture of oriental, jazzy and classical sounds function well as a good lullaby, or a regenerator forces. I made a mistake listening to it in the car, you already know that you should not do that.
7 / 10