The Future Sound Of Ambient 2

English / Polish version

The Future Sound Of Ambient 2
    The Future Sound Of Ambient 2

      1. Higher State Of Conciousness (The Deep & Slow Mix)
      2. Water Drums
      3. Fumi
      4. Khamoon
      5. Beyond The Beyond
      6. E.V.A.
      7. Dreadhead (Edit)
      8. Marine Radio
      9. Anodos
      10. Far In Out


After a thorough vacuuming the first part of THE FUTURE SOUND OF AMBIENT must come a turn to the second installment of this compilation, re-created by the Israeli duo – Avi and Gal, released in 1996 by the now non-existent YoYo Records label. I admit frankly that with the first part of THE FUTURE SOUND OF AMBIENT for quite a long time my finger got stuck on the repeat button, and probably it would remain there for long, if I was not aware that somewhere on the playlist there is something that you should remember. All the positive vibes that I felt after the first part of this compilation, only freed in me a desire to reach for the rest of its editions, and some names such as: Union Jack, Loop Guru, Brian Eno appear on it not without a reason.

Opening to the HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Josh Wink does not dawdle and immediately takes us into the deep water. A dub, ambient beat, a guiding and sometimes even nauseous shudder vocal – you would think that it is nothing interesting, but there really happens a lot. Union Jack are mainly known for their progressive and trance sounds, but this time the London duo gives us a chillout carefree vision of the paradise, filled with colorful twittering birds, blue soft clouds, the heat of sunlights and the bleating of some stray sheep appearing there.;) FUMI – ‘an orchestra’ called Loop Guru gives a demonstration of skills, how you can use all kinds of everyday objects. The knocking, buzzing, and all that is in harmony with the dub beat gives a pretty interesting character the track. Only a few sounds, and thirteen minutes pass like a split of a second. The trio called Mammal has never conquered the music world, but their KHAMOON falls into the ear and also it is not going to fall out. A goa trance track with a touch of an Egyptian mystery will perfectly tease your body, which has been lazy so far. BEYOND THE BEYOND is a combination of classical Indian music with electronic one, which was made by Michael Wadada’s team. The accomplishments, which Suns of Arqa themselves are pride of, can be described in one word – a masterpiece. They use a type of melody and tone called raga which is well-known from the classical Indian music. The melody with a distinctive emotional expression, giving a base to a musical improvisation, of which a perfect example is the track above, and all this in conjunction with the electronic beat gives us a track full of emotion and a dub, reggae atmosphere. E.V.A. – as for me it is too jazzy, I admit that I am not a fan of sax and lounge playing. Anyway, Heights of Abraham present a rather interesting variation of styles, and probably the track will help many weary and tired souls to breathe. DREADHEAD does not move, but it will revitalize a bit our existing drifts among the classical Indian melodies, or jazz evenings. The children of dub feed us again with a large dose of this style together with a small mix of reggae and for my taste, there is a little too much of this. The collaboration of the father of ambient with Jah Wobble gives us a fairly complicated position, not really understood by me, which has a quite interesting name – MARINE RADIO. Neither is it positive nor negative. The track passes, and I do not remember much of this, except only that there is a lot of metal murmur in it and of course the dub style. N.Y.X. and finally we can feel that ‘we rise towards the progress’. Everything starts from an unidentified by me vocal, which reminds a little of an introduction to the first part of the trilogy Qatsi. The next seconds are just more and more sublime atmosphere, customizing us to the grand final, which as it turns out we need to add ourselves. FAR IN OUT – I think the better end of the compilation would be when it remained at nine positions. The track of Scorn roars from the speakers, and we wait only for the last second to come.

THE FUTURE SOUND OF AMBIENT 2 does not move us no longer so as the version with a lower number. Maybe is it because it is not exactly my taste. Anyway, the proponents of dub playing will find a lot of good stuff for themselves in this CD.

6.5 / 10