I Awake

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I Awake
    WHERE: Stockholm
    WHAT: neo ambient
    ALBUM: eg. The Core
    PARTY: Aurora Festival 2008
    LIKE: music
    PRIVATELY: Thomas Huttenlocher
    Ultimae Records
    Lucid Music

Ashoka: Hello Thomas. It’s very nice of you that you have agreed to answer some of our questions. We have heard your live act for the first time at Aurora Festival in 2008 and we were all very happy to get to know a brand new, fresh Ultimae sounds. We know that you have been playing at Aurora also this year. Could you say a little bit about your impressions after the Greek festival in 2008 and 2009? Which edition was better for you? We are very interested what was the name of the vocalist who was singing when you were playing at Aurora 2008?

It has been a great opportunity to be able to participate in such a unique gathering as the Aurora Festivals has become. As everything around us even the festival was evolved this year in relation to last year.
Better logistics, better soundsystem, extended decoration e.t.c. For me that thruth was applicable on my performance aswell. This year I had a clear picture to whom I would play, hence a better performance in my point of view. Also I had one more year on focusing on my music= extended experience.

The vocalist 2008 was the same as this years – Krister Linder (www.kristerlinder.com). A true beloved soul mate of mine.

Ashoka: The next question relates to the artistic path which you have chosen. Tell us how has your artistic life evolved? When did you start creating the music?

I started doing music intentially when I was about 10 years old, studying the piano on my familys suggestion. My teacher was a (at the time) a quite famous classical radio symphonic composer that enthusiastically wanted to make my parents force me to never let go of my „talent”. When I realized it was truly boring to play scales and study notes I quit, and thank god my parents didn´t force me at all to continue. Later on I swapped the classic piano to a syntheziser and all of a sudden it was interesting with sounds again. But then on a new level. I remember I bought myself an Atari 1040 with the sequenser Creator which I connected with my Ensoniq EPS and Yamaha DX 7 into an 8-channel porta studio with a hell of a lot latency. Somehow my interest and skills worked long enough until I played in a band in school and with them we won a talent competition where the first prize was to make a true recording in a professional studio. We did the recording but somehow I realized that whatever I contributed with was like replaceable because I couldn´t sing (in my opinion) and the music industry was anyway an impossible line of business of what I had heard, so I quit doing music completely at the age of 17.

After that I did all sorts of things (like doing a „career”) in order to be successful. So, when I had it all, (expensive clothes, a car and a Harley Davidson parked outside my house, a model wife and a phat apartment) something really BIG was missing in my life. At first I didn´t know what it was but life around me let me eventually know what it was – Pick Up The Music Again Man, was the message. So I did….

Ashoka: What about the project Ghostfriend in which you are involved? Please say something more about the activity in Ghostfriend? What are you doing there?

The Ghostfriend project is primarily the brainchild of Krister Linder. It´s like an „umbrella” for like-minded people around us. You could say it´s like a creative society among friends.
But, it is also the planned future label name of Kristers (and perhaps more of us) upcoming releases.

Ashoka: There are a lot of artists who dream about beeing a part of the Ultimae Records sound because it is reputable and remains synonymous with good music. How did your cooperation with Ultimae start?

As I remember it we found each other in a synchronized and effortless way.
I was looking for a label that would like to release my stuff and after asking around a bit all ways turned to Ultimae Records.
At the time we got connected they had already heard of my work, and they liked it!

Ashoka: Are you able to name an artist from the Ultimae Records whose work is specially important, interesting or inspiring to you?

No one in particular but all has a fine unique expression that probably could be described as Ultimaes very tuned „flavour”.

Ashoka: Why have you decided to name your project I Awake? What does it mean to you? What kind of an awekening do you have in your mind?

Because when I let the music back into my life again it was like I „woke up”, for real this time. Beyond schedules and agendas e.t.c. It was like a feeling of coming home in a sense. And after that my life completely changed, ha ha.

Ashoka: How did your colaboration with Krister Linder, Frederik Lundberg, Tara Devi and Planet Boelex proceed? Are you thinking about a further teamwork?

I do collaberations all the time. I love that a lot since I think that the music gets richer the more perspectives/geniuses/brilliant minds you add to it.
For example my next full album release (on Ultimae Records) is together with another real close friend of mine, the exceptionally talented greek producer Aiora. So, we mix our souls in a combined audio-neural journey that you will be able to enjoy in a not so far future.

Ashoka: Have you ever thought to forge links with other artists and create something together? Or maybe you like to make music by yourself?

I have different projects all the time. Sometimes together playing in a live band at corporate occasions, at times producing material for others and frequently creating co-ops with other producers. I also Dj a lot and then I almost never play my own material because the musical world out there has so much to offer and I want to share all that beauty according to my taste. My music hopefully fits into other Dj:s taste…

Ashoka: If you had to advertise your music to someone who had not heard it before, what would you say? What kind of sounds, instruments, vocals and other effects can we find in your music? Why is it worth hearing?

My idea of my music is not that it should be listened to in the common way as we know it (radio, stereo, television e.t.c), it´s meant to be felt. Like experience itrather than listening to it. If you put my music on as background music no-one will reflect on it. But if you put a good pair of headphones on their head with a relaxed mind, then we are talking about something my stuff is about.

Ashoka: Do you like the term: “neo ambient”? In several sources we have found the information that your work can be called “neo ambient”. What does this term mean to you? Maybe you don’t like to confine yourself to some terms which refer to the music because as a matter of fact the music is unlimited?

People ask me sometimes what kind of music is you do and I say I don´t know. You define it.

Ashoka: We have got to know that you are engaged in creation of film soundtracks. Could you tell us something more about it? Is it difficult to make this sort of art? Can you name some film titles in which you have found one of the most beautiful soundtracks you have ever heard?

For me creating music for film is one of the most natural things to do since it´s about creating a mood (to picture). It´s the perfect combination audio/video. Everything can be achieved in that combination.
The most touching soundtracks is often the ones I don´t hear, it´s the ones I feel.

Ashoka: We guess that music is a very important part of your life, but what else do you attend to do in your everyday life? What interests, hobbys do you have?

I have found that it is the same source of energy that is applicable on my everyday life as the one I connect to when I do my music so the answer to the question is that I actually only do one thing – exploring and experience life – all the time….

Ashoka: The Core is your debut album and we can buy it since 2008. We are curious what plans do you have for the future? What can we expect from you in the nearest time? Are you working on a new album?

As I mentioned before I have an upcoming album under the collaberation name „I Awake & Aiora – (title not yet defined). Except that I have something completely different under my sleeve. All I can say at this point is that this project is much more uptempo than whatever you have heard from me before.

Ashoka: Is it possible to hear your live act nowadays? Where and when can we meet you?

Just book me on fair circumstances and I´ll be there.

Ashoka: The last thing we would like to ask is the question what do you want us to wish you for the nearest and further future?

The same as I wish you – be curious, let go of all that holds you back and enjoy the ride while you can!

Ashoka: Thank you for the interview. We wish you all the best.

(The interview contains only the original, not changed statements and replies. All answers are authentic statements spoken / written by the interlocutor / interviewed person.)