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Next Step
    Next Step

      1. Déjà Vu in 24 Bits
      2. Above The Sky
      3. Nacidos para Volar
      4. Electro Mangaling
      5. Dub Candy
      6. Different Dub
      7. Fractals Everywhere
      8. Vimana Space Travel
      9. Crystal Perry
      10. Emotional Seed Of Love


At present, Nutek Chill and Green Beats are poorly recognizable names in the wider world of electronic music. The label Nutek Chill is a modest branch of a slightly larger label, which is Nutek Records, formed in 2006 in Spain, namely in Barcelona, focusing primarily on the music from the species of psytrance and full on. On the other hand, Green Beats is a duo formed by Xavier and Victor, respectively a DJ and music producer, who has released an EP and a couple of single tracks on a compilation MIRA. Three years after the release of their first EP, to the account of the Spanish duo we can add another position, namely the compilation NEXT STEP, which can be found also under the name FIRST STEP. In this compilation we will find a mixture of artists from around the world, and from my experience I know that when we are dealing with such a variety of performers, probably the whole compilation will be diversified. Such performers, as: Dubsalon, Kukan Dub Lagan, Lab’s Cloud certainly portend a good music, and those who are less well-known probably will not stand out from the level of the slightly more famous.

The compilation begins with a flagship production of Green Beats, which is the track DEJA VU IN 24 BITS. It is an energetic dose of tasty, psychedelic dub, fitting greatly to a sunny day and carefree staring at the clouds moving on the horizon. The complete relaxation is guaranteed. Dubsalon with its ABOVE THE SKY will only deepen our mood of the positive relax, and our body will rise even above the heavens. Lab’s Cloud – NACIDOS PARA VOLAR definitely is a different portion of ambient sounds – the bright, dub rhythms turn into majestic, profound journey through the sour downtempo sky. NACIDOS PARA VOLAR is definitely a solid dose of acid and mysterious travel. Counter Point – ELECTRO MANGALING is difficult to classify in any way, really it is not dub, nor downtempo, in any case it is something like IDM. The track is twisted in every possible way, sometimes maximally relaxing and sometimes irritating by its impudence. The completely unknown to me, Spanish-Venezuelan duo – Eliptical Sound System soothes us with the solid dose of dub with a touch of psychedelic inserts. Submerged in a pool of sweetness of the track DUB CANDY we will sweeten our mind and body for a long time. IshDub & Juan Cano are another names which do not tell me nothing, and their DIFFERENT DUB in all its glory presents its softness and comfort. FRACTALS EVERYWHERE – the title attracts right away and gives hope for a sound departure in the world of twisted, colorful, fractal visions. Bohemian (another unknown figure) in the atmosphere of downtempo, psychedelic and dub takes us into its quite specific world. Despite the highly varied mix of sounds, the whole fits perfectly, and with the eyes closed and a moment of silence these fractals are not only a figment. Ashnaia – VIMANA SPACE TRAVEL spins like white cumulus clouds racing across the sky, with every second it melts more and more, and the gentle beat takes us into a particular state of laziness. Shantrip will sustain our lazy state, but it will be no longer a blissful wave through the skies, but again, in a slightly dub climate we will find the rest for your body and soul. At the end, we will go to sleep thanks to Kukan Dub Lagan and its EMOTIONAL SEED OF LOVE. A quiet production, practically free of beat perfectly completes this interesting compilation.

NEXT STEP is the compilation full of psychedelic, dub playing that sometimes heats to red just to let cool down after a moment and to get carried away by the skies. The mixture of known and unknown artists does not matter because here everything and everyone complied with their work with a vengeance and created a huge portion of solid music.

7 / 10