Panurg & Pantagruel

[ Silesia ] English / Polish version

Panurg & Pantagruel
    WHERE: Silesia
    WHAT: drums
    ALBUM: many, too many
    PARTY: even more
    LIKE: good sound
    DISLIKE: poor sound
    PRIVATELY: musicians

Music is often not easy and pleasant, this is not folk, although sometimes you can jump and bounce to the music, this is not poetry, but sometimes deeper lyricism and a gentle melody. So that is the way how the group Panurg & Pantagruel describes their music and musical interest. The team comes from Wodzisław Śląski and was established in 2000, and over the years, quite often the team has changed, but the current members are: Olek Kamłacz, Irek Oślizło, Łukasz Skatuła. As do they say about themselves: „a life wrote a script for us, and we need to accep it”. In their music, we can hear the fascination of ethnic elements (djembe, didgeridoo), as well as the classic sounds (guitar, violin), and the influence of such artists as Dead Can Dance, Magma, Diamanda Galas and Anekdoten which are only a small part of their musical orientation. Often inspired by the positive energy from the hitch-hiking trip, but also fond of warmth of home. Creating anytime, anywhere, confirms that taking part in performances with the Moloch group. Panurg & Pantagruel certainly provides the interesting, unusual alternative, ethnic, and (for sure) world music.