Aes Dana – Aftermath

English / Polish version

Aes Dana - Aftermath
    Aes Dana

      1. Aftermath # 01
      2. Aftermath # 02
      3. Aftermath # 03
      4. Aftermath # 04
      5. Aftermath # 05
      6. Aftermath # 06
      7. Aftermath # 07


AFTERMATH: ARCHIVES OF PEACE of Aes Dana is an album filled with mysticism. It is spacious, mysterious and fascinating. The first track welcomes us with a deep, dark and increasing pulse of a forest. Remarkably this pulse can be sensed, even though there is no beat in the first parts of the track… And it happens with a help of the chorus of forest fairies which is echoed by the birds. I feel like I stood in the middle of this chorus – wherever I turn, an esoteric vocal comes to me and it proclaims that some amazing experiences are waiting for me… The atmosphere of AFTERMATH # 01 is sublime and I feel like I participated in a secret celebration in honor of a nature. The next track begins building a similar, metaphysical climate as in the AFTERMATH # 01. In this track appears a beautiful, vibrant though slightly sluggish beat, which flows as a mountain stream. I want to jump into its stream and let the waves cuddle me. The voices that appear around the fourth minute conquer the euphoric nature of the track. AFTERMATH # 03 seems to be more powerful than the first two tracks. It continues to be esoteric, and the soft beat and crystalline theme make this piece a relaxing walk through a flowery meadow of the ambient. In the background there are also some delicate, eastern accents, introducing a little bit of anxiety. AFTERMATH # 04 moves delightfully, melts by some ethereal beats, smoothly going into my number one on the disc – AFTERMATH # 05. Some juicy beats, dark sounds and incredible spaciousness of this track hypnotizes me to the point that when listening to it, I can not do anything else. I feel overwhelmed by its depth… AFTERMATH # 06 is a very calm, downtempo composition without beat. After an ecstatic rapture of AFTERMATH # 05 we should calm down and take a relaxing bath in the somnolence of this track. For me, the ending of the album is brilliant – AFTERMATH # 07 is a piano apotheosis of a sorrow, longing as a way of ‘purification’… It would probably be an overinterpretation to associate this with the initial fragments which reminiscence the spring (autumn?) rain… But what to do, when this is arranged in my head? For me it is a timeless album with an enormous emotional charge. It may seem pretty heavy and it seems to be right… It requires the maximum concentration and engagement. This is not an album to listen while smoking a cigarette just like that, but it requires a profound audition.

10 / 10
Beata Brzoza