Ancient Core & Suduaya – Sound Massage

English / Polish version

Ancient Core & Suduaya - Sound Massage
    Ancient Core & Suduaya
    Sound Massage

      1. Cosmic World Of Determinism
      Ancient Core
      2. Connection To Sound Massage
      Ancient Core & Suduaya
      3. Sparkling Universe


Ancient Core and Suduaya is a perfect, just ideal collaboration. You can boldly write that they got together like a match made in heaven! Let me even quote a cult statement of Iggy Pop from Jarmusch’s film, 'Coffee and Cigarettes’ – 'man, that’s a combination.’ I will not conceal the fact that both projects are very close to my heart and it will not be also a secret that the tracks of these projects are often on my tracklist, so when I got to know about the cooperation of the above mentioned, I was very satisfied.

Since in my reviews I rarely focus on biographies, I always appreciate more the music itself than the CV and the achievements of an artist, so I will skip it also this time. It is worth mentioning that both Ancient Core and Suduaya are relatively young and still germinating projects on the stage, because their origins date back sequentially to the year 2010 and 2009, so there is still a lot of things for them, and they really promise some hopes.

SOUND MASSAGE is an EP released by a German label BMSS Records, which was brought to life in the year 2009 by the members of the collectives: Boom Shankar and Saltaux, where we can find only (and I write this with the full responsibility, because my hunger is really big) three tracks. CONNECTION TO SOUND MASSAGE for a good day. It spins very slowly – a long, a little bit cabalistic intro attracts the attention from the first sound. An esoteric voice heard in the first part of the track gives it a bit expressive and certainly unconventional character. For the second course we get COSMIC WORLD OF DETERMINISM, which in no way persists its inferior predecessor and probably it will not be an exaggeration to write that it is still even more preferably. I just love such climates. For a dessert we get SPARKLING UNIVERSE, which ultimately has the final word in this EP and gives a stamp on the achievements of the collaboration Ancient Core and Suduaya.

I have a huge unsatisfied hunger after hearing the EP. It’s like eating only a spoon of delicious soup, when you are very hungry. It promises to be quite idyllic, so I can only wait and hope for a full album.

8 / 10