Desert Dwellers – Dive Into Forever

English / Polish version

Desert Dwellers - Dive Into Forever
    Desert Dwellers
    Dive Into Forever EP

      1. Desert Dwellers – Dive Into The Core (Feat. Ixchel Prisma)
      2. Desert Dwellers – You Can See Forever (Feat. Ixchel Prisma)
      3. Android Cartel – Wake Up Call (Desert Dwellers Remix)


Desert Dwellers are coming like a storm… Only in 2013 they have appeared twice in the music market – the whole past year can be braced under a sign of DD, because in January there has come an EP CRITTERS, and in December another EP – DIVE INTO FOREVER has been released. While the proposal from January includes five tracks, this one coming from a month crowning the year – only three, of which the first two are the new tracks of Desert Dwellers with the captivating vocal of Ixchel Prisma, and the third one is a remix of an unfamiliar DJ duo, Android Cartel which creates mainly the tech-house music.

I have listened to the EP reviewed by me a dozen times, not because of the fact that it is a short one, but because I still feel unsatisfied. The first two tracks are great, with an emphasis on the second one, which is simply sensational. A big disappointment for me is the third track of the aforementioned duo Android Cartel – unfortunately to this type of tracks I am not convinced, because as far as I can squeeze out of it a few themes that are really great to me, the dubstep beat covers the whole and leaves a negative response. Still, I can not wait for the full album of Desert Dwellers, because DIVE INTO FOREVER causes the same as the first bite of the delicious food – immediately you want to try a larger piece. The EP from December 2013 is a really interesting nucleus of the future album.

Finally, I would like to add a few words about the project, Desert Dwellers itself, because the genesis of it, the story of bringing it to life, the beginnings are quite interesting to me. Probably many of you associate this project mainly with a few names, pseudonyms – the first emerging on the horizon founder of Desert Dwellers, Amani Friend (aka Global Dragon), followed by a co-founder, Treavor Moontribe, also among the artists collaborating with the project can be distinguished: Rara Avis and Craig Kohland. Apart from the obvious skills of producers and DJs which have joined the artists, the places of their origin (i.e., Southern California and New Mexico), there are several points of contact, supporting the symbiosis of the members of the Desert Dwellers. First of all, the thing that connects them (except musical genres such as: psychill, psytrance, downtempo, ambient, dub, etc.) is the same approach to music – MUSIC is not only a form of art, but above all it heals the soul, and further the common elements are also: the sounds of YOGA combined with electronics, then ETHNIC, ANTIQUE inserts, SHAMANISM, and finally DESERT, from which it all began. Desert Dwellers just released their roots in the desert, when in the 90’s the duo Amani Friend – Treavor Moontribe under the banner of the underground project, Moontribe have organized some dance rituals in the desert areas of Southern California and New Mexico. Hence, the name of this project itself is not surprising at all, and what is more, the members of Desert Dwellers collective are symbolically nomads wandering through the familiar and unfamiliar territories in search of the sounds soothing our, listeners souls.

7 / 10