Bay Area Dubstep Volume 1

Bay Area Dubstep Volume 1
    Bay Area Dubstep Volume 1

      1. Along The Path
      2. Creation
      3. Amphibian
      4. Lucent Bass
      5. The Traveler
      6. Darko Dub
      7. Sensimillia (Gimme Ganja Rmx)
      8. Monstahs
      9. Top Shottas
      10. Blaze It
      11. Amen
      MATTY G
      12. Gutty Works
      13. Selecta
      14. Last Breath


Boredom, boredom, and boredom again! I have not been so borred for all times. I must admit that I do not know how come I was able to listen to compile BAY AREA DUBSTEP VOLUME 1 until the last second. I guess optimism and hope prevailed, because starting an adventure with this album, subconsciously I felt that it was not bull’s eye, even so I decided to give her a chance. California Full Melt Records label and DJ Ripple, who compiled the material, they have done a bad piece of work… and it seems to me that they had to be in a dreamy mood, releasing this record, or decided to undergo the experiment listeners titled „Who can stand up to the end?” Or – „who falls asleep first?”. I think the cover perfectly reflects the mood of the compilation – it is just as insipid, very inventive as the music contained in this record.

What are the pros of this album? Hm, for me to build BAY AREA DUBSTEP VOL. 1 is the really little, I can calculate them on the fingers of one hand. Good sides of the compilations are moments in which there are oriental blocks (such as in the song ALONG THE PATH), live instruments (flute, guitar, trumpet), distinguishing itself from other track number six – DARKO DUB, which is a bit different from the rest, a bit dark, mysterious, very interesting. It would be enough when it comes to the pros – I was able to name three. And what about the minuses? For me – a lot. First of all compilation bores me, often fall into a state of irritability, impatience. In truth, the material compiled by dj Ripple little is happening, the music is insipid, sounds very diverse. In my opinion, too much senseless and pointless tunes and sounds here, but not enough – the emotions, ideas, imagination, and yet this very forward. Music 'falls’ into my ears hard, and at worst – forcing up myself to hear up to the end. I have a feeling if I listened to one, stretching a piece that lasts over an hour and can not stop.

Combining dubstep related grime, which is characterized mainly broken rhythm – something I really hate. I would be able to listen to these sounds, only in a situation where would a small, almost unnoticeable addition to the attractive, dominant whole track. For BAY AREA DUBSTEP VOLUME 1 broken sounds have an idea on the whole disc. It’s probably just broken the rhythm of the most disturbing and I will not allow this, so I cannot love with this CD, and listen to it once more. It amazes me that in psyshop we can even buy this CD because I did not discover in it anything that I would be able to be described as „psychedelic” even in a small piece.

For me, it certainly is not music that moves, takes you into different place, tends to think, or makes me want to dance, fly, laugh and enjoy. On my scale I admit this compilation one point – for the courage, because you must be of extraordinary courage to take unflattering comments from the audience, who expected something interesting, new, exciting, and after hearing it only remained a big, actually huge deficiency. I’m sorry, because the first time in a long time, or even the first time ever I feel great relief and joy that I heard the last sound of the album. Silence can also be beautiful.

Frankly I do not recommend.

1 / 10
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