[ Spiral Active Project ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Wrocław
    WHAT: dj, UV deco
    ALBUM: still looking for
    PARTY: Krzysztofory, Ozora festivals and many more
    LIKE: parmesan
    DISLIKE: salceson (kind of popular Polish meat product)
    PRIVATELY: designer

The first fascination with music blossomed when he heard as a kid Jarre. Electronic sounds were something different from everything around it, stimulated the imagination …
His adventure with the psychedelic / goa trance started about 1996. It began with the legendary program broadcast on the radio TMM.FM and indescribable cassette tape that he got from his friend (after all these years, it turned out that the cassette is almost cult status today BLUE COMPILATION of TIP Records, in other words – a real classic). Then I have found it difficult to escape from the music.
In 2002, Neogen together with Dr. B. and Amnesia organized the first psychedelic trance party as a project called – Spiral Active (the party took place in Wroclaw at famous Wagon Club). After several months of collective gains a new member – Tretek. Project Spiral Active withered and appeared in various cities in Poland and at the Moondalla festival. The most successful events of Spiral Active Project includes a series of events in Cracow (GoAhead at Absurd Club and Tranceform at Krzysztofory Club).
Blazej also creates a visual setting and decorations for the Active Spiral project, which consisted of a fluoro-paintings and installations.
Neogen relishes with the slower, „well-built”, and deep psychedelic sounds, analog sounds, saturated with mysticism of the Orient, which seeks to include in the sets, but sometimes also likes to experiment.
With respect to the classic sounds or even oldschool he likes to add some goa at the end of the event.