Ott – MMII

English / Polish version

Ott - MMII

      01. Ott Meets Billy The Kid
      02. Scilly Automatic
      03. Joyful Wonder


MMII, or in Arabic writing 2002, are Ott’s latest achievements, available at his bandcamp channel. I say the latest, but we must go back almost a decade ago, because three tracks that are on the digital album, are the productions created in 2002 on the occasion of working on the album BLUMENKRAFT and HALLUCINOGEN IN DUB. As Ott says, these are the productions that do not appear on these albums, but have a huge predisposition to it. What is more interesting, those who provided themselves with the digital versions of these albums, they have already been able to hear these three tracks as bonus items, and the mere fact of releasing the short album will probably let many of us remember these tracks, and some other people hear them for the first time.

MMII, as I have mentioned, is the short, digital album, which contains three tracks kept in a truly atmosphere of Ott. The characteristic, dub rhythm accompanies us while listening to every track. OTT MEETS BILLY THE KID is a relaxing trip, which closely resembles the productions from the album BLUMENKRAFT, and the title itself at the very beginning put me in a huge mistake. I was expecting some 'fireworks’ but I got a soothed Billy the Kid. Anyway, such kind of Ott I do really like. On the other hand, SCILLY AUTOMATIC is a nod to the album HALLUCINOGEN IN DUB. The characteristic 'sourness’ and twisted sounds are clearly associated with the achievements of Simon and the company. JOYFUL WONDER, applied in the end, is a combination of an idyll and mystery. The combinations and variations used here by Ott come together perfectly, giving us the true face of the artist, which many of us like so much.

In conclusion, it is worth to go back to the 'old’ Ott and the fact that he did it himself, also should work out for good. Comparing his last, fresh made achievements​​, namely the album BABY ROBOT, I can surely say that he should not experiment more with new sounds, but rather stick to what for so many years he has done best. Old new Ott – I highly recommend!

7 / 10