Uth – Distant Instincts

English / Polish version

Uth – Distant Instincts
    Distant Instincts

      1. Distant Instincts
      2. Haze Of Reality
      3. Reflections Of Consciousness
      4. Levitating Flower


Once into our hands gets a free album, which turns out to be a really solid one, our joy is double. It has been a long time since I had stopped to assume that the thing, for which we do not have to pay, is less interesting and one should not devote more attention to this. An excellent confirmation of an above-cited principle is an album DISTANT INSTINCTS which is now being reviewed. Uth is a man named Alex Lytvyn, a Canadian from Toronto, who started his adventure with music quite a few years ago, however only in December 2010 comes his debut album, which is published in a digital form through a portal called Neogoa, and then instantly it appears also through Ektoplazm. It is probably everything I would like to say as an outset. I have almost forgotten to add that I also should mention a cover, which turns out to be a true work of art, and probably more than one artist of a so-called ‘higher end’ would envy Alex this exact cover. Now I think we can focus on the album’s content.

That is a title number for a beginning. At first slowly, heavily like a turtle, a machine started to go sluggishly on rails – one would like to quote some words of the poet. A lazy, subtle track fits greatly to some interwoven sounds of the nature, which very often seem to play the first fiddle here. A culminating moment appears somehow in the middle of the track. Mute, an even greater deceleration and re-shot of some vibrant sounds complemented with some panoramic melodies. A truly hammock’s composition.

So we have the haze of reality. Similarly, as it was in a case of the first number, this track warms up long, but this feature does not exclude its greatness. All the time lazily, at a rate of eighty beats per minute we melt in the sounds, which Alex Lytvyn serves us in a careful and highly nuanced way. A journey lasting over seven minutes through some misty recesses of a reality which surrounds us – that definitely speaks to me.

So now we have some reflections of the consciousness. Here is happening a lot. Not only the pace is rising by twenty beats (100 bpm), but above all (what personally pleases me the most) Uth finally has taken care of a little bit sourer and more acid character of the track. In the background there turn up some well-known and liked by us FX which are supplementing by a voice of a shaman, which next is muffled by a tone of an ethnic instrument. A rhytmically repeated mantra in a hypnotic way gives the track a little bit oriental and magical climate in which you can really get lost. For me it is a pretty reflection of the reality.

So that is a levitation of a flower. The fourth, and unfortunately the last track that closes the album DISTANT INSTINCTS, again slows down – it is great to get out of a lethargy in which we have been put by Uth. This time again we are confronted with the voice which also here serves as a guide. A verbal signpost clearly dictates where I should go and even though I follow the exact commands (as I think), I have an impression that I often get lost somewhere out there – but on the other hand (probably) I like it a lot.

This way Uth carried us through the album DISTANT INSTINCTS, certainly leaving us lightly unsatisfied due to a fact that the album contains only four tracks, which really can cause a good confusion (of course I write it in the most positive sense). Uth promises some really good hopes for the future and I admit that I will eagerly wait for his next productions.


6 / 10