Beatfarmer – Eye of the Storm

English / Polish version

Beatfarmer - Eye of the Storm
    Eye of the Storm

      1. Path to Peace
      2. Doors to the Digital Dimension
      (Beatfarmer Mix)
      3. Cosmic Playground
      4. Shanti
      5. Eye of the Storm (Album Mix)
      6. Solace
      7. Gone Beyond
      8. Global Shifts (Downtempo Dub Mix)
      9. Jade (Depths Mix)
      10. On a Plain (Ambient Plains Mix)
      11. In Stillness

Ovnimoon Records is a record label founded and run by a Chilean, Hector Stuardo known primarily under the alias Ovnimoon. The label has become known more than once thanks to its great, downtempo releases, which gradually conquer the publishing market. On 30th of June 2014 Ovnimoon released another tasty morsel, which is a new album created by a project called Beatfarmer with a title EYE OF THE STORM.

Beatfarmer is relatively the new project on the market, powered by a single man, who is Adam Wood, coming from a small village in the north of England, and now living in Lasqueti Island, British Columbia, Canada, somewhere deep in the woods, where he lives in a harmony with the surrounding nature. In the music he creates, we can easily see numerous ethnic and tribal sounds, curiously interwoven with modern electronics. His adventure with music has started very early, when he was a teenager, when he began studying the violin, what is his passion up to now.

EYE OF THE STORM is the second album released by the aforementioned label. The album in a masterly manner was distinctly influenced by some trends such as: ethno and tribal, which, as the artist himself admits, are his favourites. If you are looking for the album, to which you can gently swing, you have just found it. EYE OF THE STORM is able to direct us in a state of euphoria, which is often balancing on the edge of psychedelic, dub, and ambient at times. Some great blended vocals, often reminding some mantras, perfectly complement the whole. A very solid dose of trance and moving (broadly defined) chillout, that certainly is not the average one. Some skillful balancing of pace and rate of the individual tracks is unquestionably one of the highlights of this disc. A story, which is sometimes subtle, sometimes more energetic, spreading over 11 shorter or longer tracks, that invites to a complete giving up to its plot. A recipient reflexively closes his eyes to drown in a kaleidoscope of sounds, which, thanks to their lazy pace allow for an accurate interpretation of each even individual sound.

In conclusion, EYE OF THE STORM is certainly huge potential, diligence with attention to each detail. Beatfarmer is also the good, psychedelic, downtempo playing, that will fit perfectly not only in a chilloutroom, but also in other circumstances. I recommend to listen to it at least once.

7 / 10