Karol Gwóźdź – Tamte Czasy

English / Polish version

Karol Gwóźdź – Tamte Czasy
    Karol Gwóźdź
    Tamte Czasy

      1. Dyszczowy Poranek Na Bytkowje
      2. Mysli Zasutego Bergmana
      3. Bittkow
      4. Echo Nocy
      5. Rajza Po Parku
      6. Gurnoslunskje Tragedyje
      7. Tamte Czasy
      8. Spumnyna
      9. Utopek
      10. Gryfne Bajtlostwo


Many philosophical theories concerned the concept of time, each of the great philosophers presented their thoughts on this subject, what often caused an enormous controversy. On the one hand, the time was thought to be disordered, causing memory loss, forgetfulness, but in the opposition there were some theories that it is a form of governance, organization, chronology. Although the opinions were various, time certainly is a category encompassing all aspects of the formation, duration, passing what exists. Time is a form of our sensuality, experience, combined with all the changes taking place in our lives, and certainly for all of us it is priceless and very important. Time associated with the past consists mainly of some memories – those that cause a smile on our face, or those by which we fall into a mood of nostalgia, wistfulness, longing. Such a kind of climate, full of musings and thoughts accompanies us in a deep ambient album which has a title TAMTE CZASY. Behind this unique and charming album stands Karol Gwóźdź coming from Siemianowice Śląskie. Karol is a Silesian guy from blood and bones, as we can see by looking at his official website, which is created in ethnolect of Silesia, as well as looking at the titles of the tracks included in his album. Probably the tracks such as: RAJZA PO PARKU or GRYFNE BAJTOLSTWO will be incomprehensible to many of you, but on the other hand it will be more interesting and fascinating. TAMTE CZASY is a journey of Karol through the forgotten corners of the industrial Upper Silesia, ragged from their glory, lost by the passing of time, sewn deep into the rich and unique history. This album, though very short because it lasts only fourty minutes, is excellent as a background for a quiet relaxation. Some ambient spots, the noise of cassette tapes, industrial sounds and the time of memories are only a small part of the experience that gives us the return to the past in an execution of Karol. Thanks to this album we will not only go back to what once was, but it also allows us to look at the past from a different perspective, it will help to understand, explain, and what once seemed to us sad and scary, now it will cause a slight smile on our face. What can I say more – you have to try it and the satisfaction will come involuntarily.

8 / 10