Siyanie – Homo Multidimensional

English / Polish version

Siyanie - Homo Multidimensional
    Homo Multidimensional

      1. Evolution Tracery
      2. Spaceship Human Body
      3. Dimensions Womb
      4. Incarnation Mystery
      5. Blissful Dolphin
      6. Goddess Birth
      7. Realm Of The New Measure


Ambient just like jazz, folk and other more or less niche music genres are created with a view to a specific and rather small audience. Here one could vainly look for regularly evolving melodic line, which was supplanted by what is the most important in ambient and drone music, that is the proper timbre handling. Hence, many enthusiasts of this genre often are discouraged before they actually start their adventure with this unique variety of electronic music. I myself needed a long time to get convinced by it, then in effect just to become dependent on it.

Siyanie is a relatively new on the market, Russian project geared mainly around the productions of species such as: ambient, drone and experimental. This project is a duo that is powered by Sergey Ilchuk and Dmitry Shilov, which also established the label called MoonSun Records. At the beginning of the year 2013 their third album was released, entitled HOMO MULTIDIMENSIONAL, that should represent the human cycle of transformation, furthermore is to be devoted to the multi-dimensional nature of man and of all the majestic mysteries of human existence. The goal clearly is very ambitious, but how does it meet the real life?

In my opinion, this album is the perfect panacea for quite hectic conditions caused by the problems and bustle of everyday life. It is a kind of sanctuary causing that the imaginary civilization pseudo problems cease to be the raison d’être, and we remain detached from the gray, dull reality and we move wherever we want to be. It’s perfect for any time of day or night, but I think the best time for it is just before sunrise or sunset, then perhaps you can feel the true power of the album HOMO MULTIDIMENSIONAL.

It is worth noting, in short summary, that the album certainly will not appeal to everyone, but I think it will be really something for ambient fans. Of course, it would be a sin to equate the reviewed album with the works of the classics of this genre, such as e.g. Brian Eno or Geir Jenssen, because it is not the same league, but I believe that the gentlemen of Siyanie have nothing to be ashamed of.

7 / 10