Ott – Baby Robot

English / Polish version

Ott - Baby Robot
    Baby Robot

      1. Baby Robot
      2. Mr Balloon Hands


Ott, who really needs no introduction, a passionate of some peaceful sounds, associated primarily with the British music scene and the legendary Twisted Records, and more recently with his brand label, Ottsonic Music. Ott’s work is not quite rich in terms of quantity, but when you look at it in terms of quality, everyone will admit that it is above average and somewhat legendary. Every time Ott gives us quite a long time to wait for his albums and so from the first one released in 2003 (BLUMENKRAFT) we had to wait patiently for the next five years, just to once again hear Ott’s hypnotic sounds (SKYLON). Four years later we got another sample of his achievements (MIR) and again, hardly anyone could feel disappointed. It is worth to mention that the artist has created not only the three aforementioned albums under the alias Ott, but he has worked for many years with FSOL and Alex Patterson (The Orb). This time, Ott let us know about himself a little earlier, and he offers us a foretaste of the new album in a recent EP, BABY ROBOT. This EP is modest, because it consists only of two tracks, but with a rather interesting and eye-catching cover that proclaims a colourful, mechanical journey through dub skies of Ott. The title BABY ROBOT tells us everything in the first second – yes, this is Ott. The muffled and drifting sound is just waiting for the arrival of the metallic beat, that showered with some oriental inserts will introduce us to the magical world of the little robot, traveling in the sunlit beaches of Goa. One thing is certain, Ott does not surprise us with anything new, but he still keeps a high level. MR BALLOON HANDS, which is the position number two, also does not give the fresh air, but only a concrete evidence of the fact that Ott is a solid virtuoso, who knows his job like nobody else.

The preview of Ott’s new album sounds interesting, and indeed pretty good, but unfortunately it is not even a bit surprising. Some tested samples, a proven game with the sounds and atmosphere, which is all what Ott has accustomed us often. However, let us hope, that the full album will surprise us with the breath of fresh air.

6.5 / 10