Astropilot – Pattern Of Awareness

English / Polish version

Astropilot - Pattern Of Awareness
    Pattern Of Awareness EP

      1. A Drowning
      2. Only Hope
      3. Pattern Of Awareness


Astropilot who is a personage that especially needs no introduction because the compositions of Dmitri from Siberia have permanently left their mark on the market of ambient productions. The albums such as: FRUITS OF IMAGINATION, SOLAR WALK or HERE AND NOW and can not go past us indifferently, and every time as soon as there is the information that Astropilot prepares something new, we can be fully confident that we will get another portion of some great sounds, and we can rub our hands with impatience. With EP called PATTERN OF AWARENESS was a bit different, because there were not many mentions of it and it could be a surprise that for the first time in a long period in the rubric label we do not have the excellent Altar Records, we only have German Plusquam Chillout, which is a branch of the more known Plusquam Records. Also a new thing is the fact that EP is only available in electronic form and for a small fee, each of us in a few seconds can have it in his extensive collection of chillout and ambient.

This EP contains three tracks, each of which presents a different variation of ambient music. The first one A DROWNING is a deprived of beat, melancholy landscape of some soft and soothing sounds. A music history full of emotional depth, moderate harmony, dressed in a unique and relaxing melody. A great portion of relaxing and soothing sounds, just in time for some long autumn and winter evenings. The position number two is ONLY HOPE and acording to the title, we can assume that it will be another melancholy adventure, but after the first few seconds we can be sure that this time as we are bathed by the warm beat and steady rhythm, we will be able to move our sluggish body. The perfect track to check it in many chillrooms. Number three – the title PATTERN OF AWARENESS is simply a perfect combination of excellent, mellow downtempo with deep and vibrating chillout. The track is well-absorbed in both lying and standing position. It is ideal for relaxation, perfect for a continuous merry shaking the hands.

It is short, far too short. Three positions quite tightly integrated with each other give us some unforgettable moments and confirmation that Astropilot does not disappoint us also this time. We can only wait for the next full album from the hands of the Russian virtuoso.

8 / 10