Kaminanda – Year of the Golden Tiger

English / Polish version

Kaminanda - Year of the Golden Tiger
    Year Of The Golden Tiger

      1. Green Flame Of Destiny
      2. Desert Serpent
      3. Elixir Of Tears
      4. Wizards & Spice
      5. Luminous
      6. Jewelled Waters
      7. Heaven And Earth
      8. Empowerment
      9. Northern Air Temple
      10. Bamboo Mountain


I admit that an album called GATEWAYS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, about which I had a pleasure to write some time ago, absorbed me completely, and what is more it is a permanent fixture on my tracklist in my mp3 player and always with the same effect melts me completely. Following up, I also have decided to check some older productions of a Canadian project called Kaminanda and this is exactly how the album YEAR OF THE GOLDEN TIGER fell into my hands.
From the first track we are overwhelmed by some sounds, which significantly stimulate our receptors, as well as speed up the work of the neurons, which (at least in my case) is almost always a harbinger of the fact that while listening to this album, I rather will not be bored. A fusion of ubiquitous, typically electronic, often 'dirty’ sounds in conjunction with some live instruments, which every now and then are skillfully interspersed in the tracks, are really good and can appeal to many listeners. The music, which Canadian presents us, definitely is not a boring, sleepy one which we deign after a hard day at work or at school, but now contradicting myself, I often did it with pretty good results. However more specifically, I mean that the album (and in general all the work of Mr Stephen Medeiros) is strongly rhythmic, swinging and moving.

As I have mentioned earlier, a great advantage of this (and the previous) album are undoubtedly cherished by Stephen ethnic instruments that add the splendor and the folk colour to the individual tracks. You do not need to listen particularly, or have an exceptionally good ear to pick up the sound of even such instruments as: the didgeridoo, hang drum, violin, flutes, fifes, drums and oud (the stringed instrument considered to be an ancestor of the lute). All this combined with a really refined electronics makes (at least for me) a huge impression. This really has a power!

In conclusion, it would be hard for me to find some weak points of this album, I just like the style by which Kaminanda presents his musical, vast landscapes. However I am aware that this music will not gain the more widespread recognition (I had several approaches before I was overwhelmed for good by his unique style), mainly because of its specificity and that it goes far beyond the beaten and accepted as 'good’ canons. I think that regardless of whether the album will meet with your approval or not, surely you will not be able to argue that it is luscious, boring or standard one – it definitely is not that kind.


8 / 10