[ Projekt Indra ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Ostrów Wlkp
    WHAT: dj
    ALBUM: many
    PARTY: Prana and more…
    PRIVATELY: German teacher

Projekt Indra group has been created in year 2002, by two initiators – Nomatrixx and Magikhall. Their goal was to introduce psychodelic trance fascination to people from Ostrow Wielkopolski and neighbourhood. With enthusiasm they organised a few good parties, having very positive response from the audience. Since 2004 they cooperated very intensively with Spiral Active Project from Wroclaw. Together they suceeded in arranging few parties in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Wroclaw, Szczytna, Cracow. Years 2006-2007 are the time of practically independent group activity, although with not many events in place (among other – joint performance with Pulsar Trance Formation in Cafe Piano, Ostrow). During this time Nomatrixx was involved in organisation and co-creation of events, playing in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczecin, so name Project Indra started to be treated on the trans scene as Nomatrixx’ alter ego.

The situation has changed in year 2008, when Nomatrixx (musical frame in every shape), Ania (decor, help with easying manly clashes), Magikhall (visualisations, technical, fotos), as well as new faces but old fellows – Ninja (decor UV), Toxygen (computer graphics), decided to put a new life into old name and start making parties on the whole new level in South Wielkopolska. During events they put their efforts to create unique climate of hypnotic trance, with original visualisations and a bit of Nag Champa incense scent.