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Miktek Miktek
[ 21.03.2014 ]

Miktek, that is Mihalis Aikaterinis, a Greek, a native of Mytilene (from Lesvos island), the city of ancient Greek poets – Sappho and Alcaeus, is the new recruit in the label Ultimae Records. The artist who creates music of such genres as: ambient, downtempo and IDM has released few albums and has participated in composing the music for few compilations – his first album, ANISOTROPY came to light in the year 2011 by an Argentine netlabel, Abstrakt Reflections.
Solar Fields Solar Fields
[ 23.10.2012 ]

Solar Fields is a true magician of the sound. Just like a stained glass made up of many individual, differing from one another colourful parts ultimately creates a collective work, as the seemingly divergent albums, compilations of Solar Fields project, give a very beautiful whole, which is worth devoting a consideration. Swede with remarkable precision and intelligence creates from each sound some colourful musical landscapes, emerging slowly through the fog, which aims to inspire the mystery of what the artist wants to tell us.
AstroPilot AstroPilot
[ 10.02.2012 ]

Coming from Siberia, Dmitry Red’ko has been experimenting with sounds for many years and it is incredible that this more than twenty years old man, making music of the psychedelic trance, psychill, downtempo and ambient genre, has released some productions, which made a sensation among the lovers of sounds and psychedelic aesthetics, around which he oscillates.
Zero Cult Zero Cult
[ 25.04.2010 ]

Emil Ilyayev, coming from Israel has founded the Zero Cult Project project in 2003. Since then he put a lot of effort in order to create a unique and expressive style which for the first seconds would be matched up exclusively with his sound. In a nutshell, the music of Zero Cult project can be classified as a blend of downtempo, ambient and some progressive elements.
Aes Dana Aes Dana
[ 15.01.2010 ]

Aes Dana is a solo project behind which stands probably one of the most expressive person in the world of psybient music – Vincent Villuis. Frenchman from the origin, a musician by love. It will not be an exaggeration if we write that thanks to his productions as well as albums released from the wings of his label, this kind of music has taken on a new course and he has given it a completely different meaning. Aes Dana that is Vincent Villuis, a composer and sound producer, dj and co-owner of the French label Ultimae Records.
Asura Asura
[ 10.01.2010 ]

Asura is one of the key projects on psychill / psybient scene. Unless each of released albums proved to be not only perfect, but most of all Charles managed to get a first global brand, associated with downtempo music from the top shelf. Characteristic sounds that accompany each album, are instantly recognizable and have become quite the label of this project.
James Murray James Murray
[ 17.11.2009 ]

Hailing from the Queen Elizabeth Islands, musician, producer and composer, appreciated mostly for their debut album, which was released in 2008 by the French well-known label Ultimae Records. His compositions weave together elements of electronica, downtempo, jazz and dub in emotive explorations of how the organic and electronic interact.
I Awake I Awake
[ 03.11.2009 ]

Thomas Huttenlocher is a producer and composer of ambient and downtempo music from Stockholm, under the nickname we can find an artist – I Awake. Hidden from his pseudonym Thomas creates music for a few years under the wings of excellent Ultimae Records and brings to it a breath of fresh, new ideas and a well-known atmosphere.
Mystical Sun Mystical Sun
[ 15.06.2009 ]

Mystical Sun is in fact powered by a single project of Richard Plom. His adventure with music began over twenty years ago and his hard work resulted in the fact that his works have found place in the compilations issued by Moonsun Records Interchill Records, or even Ultimae Records.
Carbon Based Lifeforms Carbon Based Lifeforms
[ 24.05.2009 ]

Carbon Based Lifeforms is certainly one of the most recognizable psybient formation in the world. Anyone who touched himself in his life to this music must have heard about the previously mentioned Swedish duo. Their albums are the best selling items of the French queen – Ultimae Records. Johannsen and Daniel agreed to give us an interview, the content present on the pages of our website.
Side Liner Side Liner
[ 28.01.2009 ]

Quite recently, we contacted the Nick Miamis, but perhaps more familiar to all as Side Liner. Without a doubt he is one of the most talented producers of the „new generation”. Nick is also the owner and founder of Cosmicleaf Records label. We invite you to read the interview, which has given us.