Astropilot – Fruits Of The Imagination

English / Polish version

Astropilot - Fruits Of The Imagination
    Fruits Of The Imagination

      1. Arimoya
      2. Sansara
      3. Arambol
      4. Enigmatic Hieroglyph
      5. Hello Tomorrow
      6. Green Eyes Mystery
      7. Love Each Day
      8. Touch Of Heaven
      9. Life Lines (rmx)
      10. Siberian Spring


‘…..A universe of dreams, a world of fantasies, you are so near and so distant…
And sometimes the distinctions between reality and dreaming are so degraded…
One thinks that he lives in that time, he simply falls asleep in wait on the threshold of life…’
– does it sound encouraging? According to me – very! Finally I am pleased to present to you one of my favourite artists, who has been making his way into our soules with an entirely new quality and climate, which he creates, serving us his own productions from the psychedelic chillout genre. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Astropilot, our Russian friend!

Coming from Siberia, Dmitry Red’ko has been experimenting with sounds for many years and it is incredible that this more than twenty years old man, making music of the psychedelic trance, psychill, downtempo and ambient genre, has released some productions, which made a sensation among the lovers of sounds and psychedelic aesthetics, around which he oscillates. Dmitry has released five albums as Astropilot – in 2007 has appeared the album called FRUITS OF THE IMAGINATION, and the year 2010 for him proved to be particularly fruitful in terms of creativity, because he released to the music market as much as four albums: MITRA, SHAMANIUM, SOLAR WALK and HERE AND NOW. Since quite recently, because since March 2011 we can also enjoy the sound of the new EP called MEMORIES MAZE. Interesting for all those who are fans of Astropilot’s sounds, is the fact that in 2008 as Yoga Mantra he has created an album of the same title. So much by way of introduction, now it is time for the essence – let us get to the heart notes, that means to the music, which Astropilot presents to us.

I have decided to start my adventure with the reviews of Astropilot’s albums from the beginning of his career, that is from the disc FRUITS OF THE IMAGINATION, which came under the wings of a label called Avatar Records in 2007. The music which we can find in it has the power, real kick, you can feel a breath of fresh air and a new idea for psychill sounds and also the imagination of young Russian. Some ethnic insertions, a little bit of a harsh climate of Siberia, touched with a pickle of warm and fragrant Orient, some modern sounds, a very dance tracks – these are the hallmarks of the style of Astropilot. Apparently, Dmitry in his youth was listening to FSOL and The Orb, and you can feel these habits in his productions. If I had to declare in a few words, what like his music is, how to determine it in a best way, I would use those nouns: the imagination, dream, hypnosis, power, tribalism. Maybe the Astropilot’s origin, family site and its magic has had such an impact on his work and it sounds so and not otherwise. I recall many articles devoted to some legends, the atmosphere of Siberia, and even the action of Siberian toadstools. The tracks from the album FRUITS OF IMAGINATION are for me very euphoric, trance, they have something of the tribal, ethnic atmosphere. It is the music that combines some various images, cultures, continents, themes. Anyone who enjoys variety and surprises, should know the music of Astropilot and ‘the fruits of his imagination’.
In a shortcut, after listening to the whole of Astropilot’s first album, I got a batch of some unexpected connections, which gave a brilliant effect. ARIMOYA customizes to the gentle swaying, and introduces into a trance character of the album. A vocal in the track SANSARA reminds me of some Peruvian songs, curiously harmonizing with the electronics. Then ARAMBOL continues the adventure with more vocals, this time the singing reminds me of a voice from the album of Goran Bregović, a little bit of the Balkan climate, complemented by the sound of a flute and violin. ENIGMATIC HYROGLYPH with some drumming performances would be the best track for a day spent at the festival area to a tribal dance in a circle. In the production HELLO TOMORROW and THE GREEN EYES MYSTERY we chill a little more, we move our body more slowly, but we consciously focus on each movement. LOVE EACH DAY is again a typical trance track to dance, with some mysterious voices, sounds, reverbs, nice electronics combined with images from the world of illusion, hypnosis, sleep and dreams. TOUCH OF HEAVEN – the fruit of my imagination is a flight among some angels and clean, beautiful souls. LIFE LINES cause that you just want to move, jump and get the most dormant deposits of energy. SIBERIAN SPRING – a brilliant match of the track’s title to the music. There is something in this track that I imagine the Siberian lands, slowly waking up to life after a severe winter… It is probably the most experimental of all the tracks in this album, somehow to me it does not really interact with the rest, it seems a little bit strange, unreal, but just so I can imagine the Siberian climate, nature…

In my opinion, there is no need to praise the Astropiolot’s music – it will defend itself and show the best what kind of power it has. I announce to all and sundry that I am a declared fan of Astropilot’s sound and climate. I will conclude my summary with the words of the artist: ‘Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!’.


8 / 10