Flict – Explorers EP

English / Polish version

Flict - Explorers EP
    Explorers EP

      1. Explorers
      2. Against the Wind
      3. To-and-Fro
      4. Starlight


Flict. Most probably for many people, as a matter of fact for me also, Flict is a strange and unknown figure on an ambient scene. What do we know about him? Only that he comes from Brazil and he has begun his musical adventure with progressive metal, through rock and he has finished on psychedelic ambient. The variation of styles is enormous and it could attest to the fact that each of us is searching for the right path for himself during the lifetime. Finally years of some musical experiments took Flict to the English underground – there as a dj he begins his adventure with all different sorts of the psychedelia. Many times we could listen to his abilities at some summer festivals such as: Kahn Altay, Universo Paralello, Kaballa or Euphoria. The year 2009 is probably a turning point in the career of the Brazilian guy. An EP called EXPLORERS, because actually we are talking about it, consists of four completely free tracks which are available to listeners in the digital format. Flict says that his productions are full of ‘opened atmosphere’ and ‘hypnotic raptures’, but how is it really like we will see right away.

EXPLORERS – in the beginning we are attacked by the herd of some insects, after hearing the sound I think that these are some disorientated bees. In the background, apart from the buzzing insects we sense a slender and soothing wave of the gentleness. After some time the sound of insects is fading out and we stay amongst some blissful and convoluted sounds. Some growls, a bubbling, cracking, noise of the waves – that is all which is keeping us company during the entire innovative travel. The integrity is kept in the calm and greatly developing atmosphere. Here is a lack of some unnecessary dashes, impulses and unspecified digressions. Everything is being arranged in a cohesive and resolute whole. Here it is possible to feel a perfectly folded complexity. A great beginning and I have already known that four tracks for sure will be too little for me.

AGAINST THE WIND – now I have already known what Flict meant when he talked about the openness in his tracks. A firm and deep beat, a balanced composition and the entire mass of sounds of the nature and everything with an accompaniment of various tapping. Sometimes the track is too ‘twisted’, but the whole is catchy and one can like it for sure.

TO-AND-FRO – it seems that it will be dark. After a few seconds of expectation we are being bombed by a strong and crushing beat. In the background there is a whole spectrum of some various sounds the same as in the previous tracks. A creaking, scraping, typing and even more and more. Then there is added a distorted male vocalization which is giving a lot of unique sour character to the whole. A heavy and solid piece of dark ambient psychedelia.

STARLIGHT – just like in every previous track here also we have something characteristic in the beginning. Some voices of happy and rushed children, a yawning (but I assure that it is not boring), a soothing twittering of birdies. Everything put together gives an idyllic and blissful landscape. All pleasant memories of warm and unforgettable holidays come back. The track reminds a little bit the productions of the Moscow group Koan and their ‘Japanese style’, but what Flict presents us belongs only to him in every little piece.

What could one say about the whole? Probably only that in four tracks we receive four different ambient compositions. They are not similar to each other, they are not connected with each other. Every composition is made using a different style and atmosphere. Every is destined for other season of the year. Impatiently it is possible to wait for the complete album of the Brazilian and I will say frankly that one could even buy it as a speculation without being sure of its value!

9 / 10