Terra Nine – Breathe

English / Polish version

Terra Nine - Breathe
    Terra Nine

      1. Transmutation
      2. Star
      3. Breathe
      4. Wind
      5. Star (Squazoid Remix)
      6. Memories Maze (Terra Nine Remix)
      7. Alliance Of Love (Terra Nine Remix)
      8. Truth
      9. Breathe (AstroPilot Remix)
      10. Dawn


Well, well, well, who would have thought that in such a short time (I mean the years 2009-2011) Altar Records would be one of the crown chillout labels in the publishing market. It does not only release the albums at a dizzying speed, but more often in solo discs appear the names of the most popular artists of this genre. Let me cite just a few aliases such as: Astropilot, Asura, E-Mantra, Astral Waves, Chronos or Alwoods. This time, the expansion of the Canadian label affected also the well-known project called Terra Nine. Michael Westcot is a very talented violinist, who in a dreamlike manner can combine even the sound of this classical instrument with modern electronics.

May I begin by saying that the previous album of Terra Nine, I mean perfectly polished STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS, at some point has reappeared in my CD player for a long time. Actually that CD could not get boring to me. I have listened to it at home, on my way to and from work, while riding a bicycle through a forest, during some afterparties, while skiing and sometimes it fulfilled a role as an evening sleeper. Many times I was even angry at myself for the fact that so many other albums were waiting there in the queue just to be interviewed, and I got stuck in one album and I could not be free from it. Therefore, with such an impatience I have waited for another title released by that project.

At the beginning there is the track called TRANSMUTATION. The sounds of nature in the electronic music undoubtedly are a trailer of a good start. The eyes fall themselves, and a powerful injection of serotonin gradually begins to fill our nervous system. STAR is not worse, certainly it equals the level of the prologue, and the vocal and beat that appears in the second half of the track almost hypnotizes us. Somehow I really have not enjoyed the title track BREATHE, for me it sounds a little too 'cheesy’, and the parts with the vocal would probably be better for the music popularly known as 'eurotrance’. WIND, which is a whiff of little more interesting sounds that allow me to devote myself to this lovely state. STAR for the second time (is there a lack of ideas?). In my opinion, it is a totally unnecessary remix that successfully could be found in the next album – here it only disturbs. Just a typical hanger-on. The notorious and remixed in all possible ways cult Astropilot’s track called MEMORIES MAZE, has his own place also in this album. That kind of a stunner can not be weak, although this version does not exactly move us as the original or its other reproductions. Kind of like ALLIANCE OF LOVE, which in performance of AKD sounds much more interesting. TRUTH and unfortunately again there are no revelations. The interesting vocal, somewhere in the background fx pleasing to the ear, but unfortunately once again a whole does not impress me. From the series 'let’s relive it’, on the wallpaper appears BREATHE, but this time in Astropilot’s version. The superb version hundred times better than the boring original, without hesitation I can say that this is the best track of this album. At the end we get an interesting position, which probably will be perfect during a sunrise – DAWN.

What can I write more, I am a little bit disappointed. Or maybe in my opinion the sensational album called STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS proved to be too good and somewhat tarnished its successor by using its brilliance? In this case I only need to look forward to the next album of the project Terra Nine.

6 / 10