Oxycanta III

English / Polish version

Oxycanta III
    Oxycanta III

      1. Drone Flower
      2. Aeolis Mons
      3. Slow Motion
      4. Turning Down
      5. Plenitude
      6. Onyx
      AES DANA
      7. Morning Drops (Part 1)
      8. Seance
      9. Morning Drops (Part 2)
      10. Phaeton Remains
      11. Complex A
      12. Quasi-Stellar


'An invitation to slow pace and wonder…’

In fact, every day we pursue for something, we take part in a race – for a better job, more knowledge, new experiences, dreams and whims coming true. During this time, we are more exposed to stress, our nerves and heart are weaken. More recently, during the few days spent in Norway, colloquially speaking, I have tested the fresh material, and more specifically the third chapter of the beautiful OXYCANTA compilation, created by the co-founder and manager of Ultimae Records, Mahiane (Sandrine Gryson). I do not think I could choose a more convenient time and circumstances of nature to listen to this compilation, because firstly it worked perfectly on my nerves troubled by this year, it actually helped me to relax, and secondly it ingeniously matched the Norwegian, autumn nature that was breathtaking.

I am not an expert of music from its technical side, while reviewing albums, I try to focus up on my feelings and emotions, and what’s more, what I have noticed by the way while listening to OXYCANTA III – I always search
for music that soothes my heart like a successful medicine. At this point, I can not fail to mention from where Mahiane has taken the title for the three series compilation OXYCANTA – OXYCANTA (2006), OXYCANTA WINTER BLOOMS (2007), OXYCANTA III (2013). The title is taken from the Latin name of Hawthorn, Crataegus Oxyacantha that
is known for its medicinal properties and is used mainly in heart diseases. As for me, I think that Sandrine
could not find a more appropriate name for these compilations, because the sounds of these three heal the soul just as hawthorn heals the heart. As usual, Ultimae CD cover and booklet included really rocks. The excellent pictures, shots, colours, the aesthetics that I like the most. By the way, what intrigued me in OXYCANTA III, is the fact that over the years, from the time when the first part of a series appeared in 2006, Sandrine calls differently the process of inventing, selecting and placing the tracks in the album – first, in 2006, she used
a term mixed – while picking up the tracks, then in 2007 she gathered them, and in the end, in 2013 she curated them (in Latin: curare – to take care of).

To whom has Mahiane dedicated OXYCANTA III? 'This third chapter of my Oxycanta compilation is dedicated to Vincent Villuis, our beloved daughter Iris and our two cats Eden and Voltaire.’ I do not want to do any kind of psychological analysis and I hope that the artists will not have me to blame, but through the tracks of OXYCANTA III the real, mature, undying love breaks quite hard. Thanks to the tracks of artists from around the world (Miktek – Greece, MER-A – Ukraine, Lars Leonard – Germany, Muridae – USA, Fingers in the Noise, Aes Dana – France, I Awake feat. Bjorn Berglund – Sweden, 36 – England, Scann-Tec – Russia, Circular – Norway), Mahiane spoke the universal language of love, that is understood by everyone having the open heart and mind. In the compilation from the year 2013, you can feel the passion joining two people in love, the affection to the common home, family, additionally you can not fail to notice the intelligence, wit, ingenuity, rich imagination and reliability. Ultimae proves once again that it is the label having a specific plan and it bravely walks through a determined way, chosen from the beginning.

In the conclusion, after listening for several times to the three compilations of OXYCANTA series, I remain a faithful fan of the first part from the year 2006, which is still my number one, and probably is my beloved compilation from Ultimae.

8 / 10