Cahaya Dari Jiva

English / Polish version

Cahaya Dari Jiva
    Cahaya Dari Jiva

      1. Lost Planet (Mushroom Lab touch)
      2. Mystical Water
      3. White Wispers Dub
      4. Transgalactic Jazz
      5. Recognition of Emptiness
      6. Under Moon
      7. Your Personal Sun
      8. Keep On Going
      9. Comakino


A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
~Leopold Stokowski

I began in a little aphoristical way, although it seems to me that it was quite accurate, but one after another. Microcosmos Records is a small label, which is based behind our eastern border and does not focus solely on releasing some new albums, but also on organizing some events to promote wide-ranging downtempo, ambient music and IDM. Today, however, we will evaluate this label for its releases, specifically the most recent compilation CAHAYA DARI JIVA, which was released at the end of the year 2012.

The multilateral nature of CAHAYA DARI JIVA primarily reflects the fact that its composition is based on artists from all over the world, and despite the fact that they are not recognizable aliases (although some of them we should know), yet they present an interesting spectrum of music and I think the easiest way I would classify it is the term 'world music’. For the selection of nine tracks, which can be found in this compilation, is responsible the resident of the record, Oleg Belousov (better known under the pseudonym Astronaut Ape), whose track also debuted in this compilation. I admit that he managed to create quite an interesting climate and atmosphere in CAHAYA DARI JIVA. The very idea of ​​the creation and release of the album reportedly was born somewhere around the edge of a volcano on the island of Bali.

The whole begins with ambient track LOST PLANET, which makes an interesting impression. We have tested the water and it is quite good. Unfortunately not for long, because MYSTICAL WATER and WHITE WISPERS DUB somehow do not fall to my liking – the former appears to be too trivial, some simple sounds that can hardly impress, and the other, even there are some ethnic vocals which I adore, somehow does not knock in terms of the sound. TRANSGALACTIC JAZZ also will not be a part of my playlist, and I admit that in my opinion, those are the weakest links of this compilation. Fortunately, from RECOGNITION OF EMPTINESS, things are starting to improve, and the music sounds much better. It becomes full of space and some deeper and ethereal visions, plotted with sounds begin to surround us. Those sounds enchant our senses, emotions and reach the place, which is commonly referred to as the consciousness. The eyes close themselves and evoke some memories of summer, warm, long nights, and for more demanding receivers there will be even something to what you can gently rock on the dancefloor. That is how it should look from the outset. Too bad that Oleg, responsible for the whole compilation has pulled the true ace out of his sleeve during the fifth track, because undoubtedly the end of this compilation is its real advantage – though perhaps this was a premeditated game?

Microcosmos is the fresh label, which is just beginning to sprout on the psybient field. The potential is there, and some tracks are just great, so I will eagerly wait for his next productions.

6 / 10