Martin Nonstatic – Granite

English / Polish version

    Martin Nonstatic

      1. Bowed Thoughts
      2. Granite
      3. Inside EyeSight
      4. Edelbitter
      5. Tabula Rasa
      6. Distance B
      7. Open Minded
      8. Saint Germain
      9. Kurukshetra
      10. Samsara
      11. Out Of Silence
      12. Sea Surfaces


'In October 2014 I travelled to Northern Austria to be deeply in touch with nature and explore new creative inspirations for my music. I observed, touched and photographed solid granite rocks, covered in green gentle moss. Both sharing opposed characters and qualities in millions of different shapes, sizes and colours.’ – this short note by Martin Van Rossum aka Martin Nonstatic can be found in the booklet that came with his third album and, for me, these three sentences reflect perfectly the atmosphere, that prevails in GRANITE.

Usually, when I get the fresh and juicy material from Ultimae Records, first I begin my journey with the booklet, because I am not only interested in the music, that in a moment I will consume, but also the visual art – probably every Ultimae lover can admit that the photos selected for booklets are pure amazing, and my eyes always enjoy their view. However, in the case of GRANITE I have behaved differently (perhaps just like I should) – first, I listened to the new material of Martin, and then I looked inside the cover. While listening to GRANITE, I felt the breath of nature in its original form – pure, without any human intervention. The beat in tracks of this album reminded me of rocks’ heartbeat and the delicate melodies in the background drifted like clouds rubbing against the slopes of the mountains. The title track GRANITE brings associations with the best tracks of Aes Dana – I can feel a quite similar climate, that a solid portion of good music gives. This track has the great power, it is incredibly spacious, its sounds give the same freedom as the one, which can be found while hiking through the mountain paths.

Born in the Netherlands and now living in Austria, Martin Van Rossum in his third album, released in November 2015, proves that he is undoubtedly another star on the map of Ultimae Records, to whom we should give a special attention. Thanks to twelve tracks of GRANITE album, starting with BOWED THOUGHTS, ending with SEA SURFACES, he perfectly fits to the aesthetics, sensitivity of the French label and undeniably he reflects its spirit. For me, Martin Nonstatic just like e. g. Miktek are a fresh perspective of Ultimae, which constantly walks the path determined many years ago, it is true and faithful to its style, but it is still open to the new and brings under its wings some young artists, who supply its ranks. I highly recommend you GRANITE – just check, whether Ultimae moves in the right direction.

8 / 10