Auma – Interacting:Processing

English / Polish version

Auma - Interacting: Processing

      1. That Old Magick
      2. Settle And Release
      3. Machromatic
      4. A Collision Of Craniums
      5. Nude


Ektoplazm – who knows it, knows how to bite it; who does not know, I will briefly say There is a lot of great and uncommon music, some interesting undiscovered artists, and what is the most important – you can have all just with one click. That is how I came across a rather unique and original album created by a project called Auma – INTERACTING: PROCESSING. Auma, or Luke Peart, an Australian oscillating with his music among some downtempo melodies. A downtempo style in his performance are not only some slender sound landscapes, but above all a fusion of smooth jazz, glitch and even hip-hop. You could say an explosive mixture, but it is also friendly to the ear. Five tracks, each with a different story, in a different style. THE OLD MAGICK with its first seconds is like many productions straight from Ultimae Records, but an emergence of a funk and fairly heavy beat makes that this thought quickly flies out of our head. This track is great to relax on a couch, when there is the frost and snow outside a window. The number two is another dose of lounge smooth jazz, but this time with a touch of hip-hop. For me, there are no revelations, but I must admit that a combination of genres and styles is the greatest asset of Luke. MACHROMATIC sounds interesting and thrilling. The soft pads perfectly combine with the chaos reigning somewhere in the distance, and I think this is the best position in the album. The best and definitely too short. A COLLISION OF CRANIUMS, which is another gentle, joyful and candy melody and a voice saying to us that everything will be okay. The track is not my cup of tea, but it is not boring – just like all the tracks contained in this EP. The last position is the slightly broken beat and the female vocal accompanying it, which classifies the track to an evening meeting for coffee and cigarette.

The album is certainly interesting in its own way. Anyone who likes a fusion of some lounge species, will be pleased (I am not, because it is not my taste). Luke has an outstanding talent to combine those styles and certainly whenever there will be something new in his work, I will certainly listen to it even just for checking.


5 / 10