[ Area 303 ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Poznań
    WHAT: tribal downtempo / goa
    ALBUM: 90’s
    PARTY: here and there
    LIKE: : )
    DISLIKE: : (
    PRIVATELY: sewage treatment

Coming from Kalisz, Dzida has discovered his love for psychedelic trance music in the classics of this genre. He is a relatively new figure on the psychedelic scene, and thanks to the freshness of mind and imagination, uncontaminated approach to the music which he combines with the oldschool sound, he serves an interesting dose of psychedelia to the listeners. As a lover of music of the nineties, which is the golden era of goa trance music and vinyls, he is meticulously expanding his collection of the next positions from that period. Loving the acid sounds of TB 303, while preparing the material presented during the parties and events, he focuses on the melody and depth of the message. The good psychedelic trance is for him a multicolored escape from everyday reality and a supplement to everyday life.