English / Polish version


      1. Spiralized
      2. The Observer
      3. Electrical Core
      4. Tinctura Life
      5. Over The Roof
      6. Creating Destiny
      7. Black Magic (Shamanism)
      8. Soul Sanctuary (Alter Vision Mix)


Atmospheric Records is not a very known label, and when we even focus our mind and try to remember the achievements of it, we come to the conclusion that it was not a sensation on the ambient market. Still, it has a particular item up its sleeves, and I mean a compilation ETHNOSCAPES, which by many is considered as one of the best compilations of the year 2011. We came to wait another two years to once again be able to hear anything about the Turkish label. The current year is the emergence of the new compilation, this time having a title sounding similarly, that is COSMOSCAPES. The thing which is worth mentioning is the fact that both compilations – ETHNOSCAPES and COSMOSCAPES are available online for free, and when we look at the tracklist of the both compilations, there will be nothing else for us but to push the magic button 'download’. After all, the names such as: Seamoon, Erot, Cell, Kliment speak for themselves.

What can be expected from the new compilation, which came from the hands of a man named Aydin Bz? For me it is simple, because even the title itself guides us. The reliable Seamoon begins COSMOSCAPES with his organic and twisted to the maximum sounds. Then Sesen guides us through some space corridors, often giving us to understand that progressive sounds are very useful also in the slower arrangements. Erot also will not be left behind and will meet our future needs. This time, more toning and calmer than in previous productions, but the dose of psychedelic solid sounds is guaranteed. Rabitza is a completely unknown character for me, but TINCTURA LIFE is a catchy track, and its distinctive, slightly cloying melody stays in our head for a long time. It is a quite pleasant relaxation. Cell definitely does not turn up the atmosphere, but only allows us to remain in total lethargy. There is not much going on here, and the whole is rather monotonous and uniform. From Cell we could expect much more, and here we have to encounter a small disappointment. Gloomwing is another artist totally unknown to me, and SOUL SANCTUARY also does not surprise with anything special, and even after a while it begins to irritate and the only thing we dream of, is a transition to the next track. BLACK FIRE performed by Kliment can be understood in two ways, because if not the didgeridoo in the background, this track would be fine and unremarkable, but thanks to the vibrant sounds of this instrument and some shamanic vocals, we have the opportunity to listen to an interesting, slightly shamanic composition.

This compilation has two faces, the beginning is great and promising, the middle is average and concealment, and the whole is saved by the last track. I think that Atmospheric Records can be considered as the great label, because it convinced us about it two years ago and convinces us at this moment. Although COSMOSCAPES is the compilation of different values​​, it is worth going deeper in its sounds, because everyone will find here a small part for himself.

6.5 / 10