The Riddle Of Petra – Chillout From The Red Rock

English / Polish version

The Riddle Of Petra - Chillout From The Red Rock
    The Riddle Of Petra – Chillout From The Red Rock

      1. The Pot Master
      2. Streaming Butterflies
      3. The Root
      4. The Curse Of Edom
      5. Tetria
      6. The Riddle Of Petra
      7. Shisha
      8. Synced Mind
      9. Out Of The Lost City
      10. Flight Path
      11. Off The Beaten Track


Wandering somewhere through the records released recently, we often forget to return a little back and remember some old compositions that cheered us and give solace to our mind, soul and body. And so, once again in my playlist there is a compilation straight from ancient Petra – a city famous for its beautiful buildings carved into the red rocks, and by the inhabitants called Rqm (Rakmu), that means multi-coloured. Just as colourful was Petra, the same is the compilation THE RIDDLE OF PETRA – CHILLOUT FROM THE RED ROCK. It is a multicoloured, musical mixture, kept in a mode of psytrance, tribal, ambient and downtempo.

Oriental and ambient THE POT MASTER like Nomads begins our adventure with the album. Just as the nomadic people were the first inhabitants of this city, the same Overdream in a red-hot atmosphere gives us a substitute for good-sounding compilation. Smiley Pixie and STREAMING BUTTERFLIES takes us into the deepest recesses of this mysterious city, showing us the daily life of the Nabateans. The track itself by its melody and atmosphere makes that for a moment we feel like we completed the journey in time and suddenly found ourselves in this ancient place. THE ROOT – and Petra from the lethargy of everyday life goes on a hot and starry night. The quiet life here is disrupted by the invasion of the full and juicy track straight from Elysium. If this is how were the nights in Petra, we can only envy. For sure, there happened a lot.;) We can envy as much as anything, because immediately after Elysium we have AstroPilot, and the name of this project speaks for itself. THE CURSE OF EDOM introduces us into a magical state of musical rapture and coming face to face with Nabateans, we can participate in their secretive rituals. The same will be thanks to psytrance track called TETRIA. Waterjuice & Irina Mikhailova maintain a high level of the compilation and even a simple word TETRIA can make the body gets goosebumps. A fast beat, some ancient visions in our imagination, the earth red hot, what more could you want?! Ocelot blending into a crowd, tries to unravel the mystery of Petra, and probably he succeeds in it, because is there a best way to get to know something or someone, than to become one of them? The title track explores the magic of this place, its culture, people, beliefs and above all the musical preferences. Of course in Arabic culture there can not be a lack of the daily chai and inflammation of the shisha, that is why Enichkin by his quite unusual and murmurring track tries to show us the daily life, but in my opinion, it is not really a successful presentation. There are too many different themes and that is why the whole is not to comprehend by me. SYNCED MIND and we go back to our imaginary world. Seamoon never fails and the same is this time. The strong and full of space track wanders around our head like the starlit landscapes over Petra. Nothing more, nothing less, it is definitely the number one of this compilation. OUT OF THE LOST CITY is the track that combines a fairly large dose of oriental music with a variety of electronic inserts and besides, it is pretty chaotic one, it does not fall into my head. Alexander Daf somewhat exaggerated with a number of bells in FLIGHT PATH, which after few seconds become quite irritating and monotonous, and the track itself indistinct. In this case, the simple solutions did not work and nothing good came of that. The track of Nimba ending the compilation fits me not very well here. It is not this kind of style and climate that I like, and despite the fact that OFF THE BEATEN TRACK is quite proper and the skills of Nimba are sufficient, it is not the way we had to finish the tour through this very fascinating miracle of the world.

Is it worth returning to the past, even the recent one – certainly it is, because once again we can get to know what once fascinated us so much. Thanks to THE RIDDLE OF PETRA again I managed to discover what I like best in this music and what is totally bad, and not for me. I think that anyone who may listen to the album, will have the similar feelings. It was good, almost perfectly, but in the end there was the lack of goodness.

7 / 10