English / Polish version


      01. Passing Through Walls
      02. Deilcate
      03. Within
      04. Opal
      05. Kinematics
      06. Der Blaue Engel
      07. Moments
      08. Deeper Direction
      09. Until
      AES DANA
      10. 9980 (Cell Remix)
      11. Skying
      12. Northern Wind


It is only Mai of the year 2014 and Ultimae Records goes like a storm – it releases another musical proposal, I mean a compilation PASSAGES and by this invites us to its atmospheric vision. At the outset, I would like to write few words about the names appearing in PASSAGES, which are:
Nova – a man responsible for the whole compilation,
Vincent Villuis – mastering, projecting the art design,
Giovanni Calemma – photographs,
Maya Berthou – portrait,
James Murray (England), Fingers in the Noise (France), Cygna (Malta), Brando Lupi (Italy), Miktek (Greece), Murya (Iceland), Martin Nonstatic (Germany), Lars Leonhard (Germany), AES Dana (France), Connect.Ohm (Japan, France), Max Million (Greece), Zinovia (Greece) – the artists of this compilation.
Inside the cover we can read three brief definitions of the term 'passage’ – a long, narrow space that connects one place to another; a narrow space that people or things can move through; an act of moving or passing from one place or state to another.

A delicate entry at the beginning and ending with a gentle piano track binds the whole with a considered buckle/frame, that is why to me the term 'compilation framed by’ fits so much to the work which Nova has done. Massimo Terranova (because that is his full name), a DJ stationing mainly in London, a figure known not only in the English clubs, but also a person appearing at many trance festivals. PASSAGES is the third compilation in his achievements (earlier it was: ALBEDO and IMAGINARY FRIENDS). Taking into account that the creation of compilation must be a really difficult task (one has to choose in sequence: a general idea for ​​the whole, the title, the artists, one or more concrete tracks and most importantly – give back a part of his soul, emotions through music of different people), I admit that Nova after the umpteenth time came up trumps. A praise, as usual deserves the polished, atmospheric cover and graphic design, this time in black and white version (photos of Italian photographer Giovanni Calemma) and a well-assembled compilation teaser made by Magnus Birgersson (available here: click!). The music itself of Ultimae new compilation is the pure poetry, I just fell into bliss while it was listening to it and long after it. The whole is simply very appetizing and already in general I get dumbstruck, when I listen to 9980 by Connect.Ohm (Cell remix), KINEMATICS, SKYING, OPAL, because such tracks fit perfectly to my musical taste and frankly speaking, partly they also show what really plays in my soul. The other tracks do not stand out from the rest, and further they are the evidence of how great was the choice to pick up those twelve artists and not any other combination – congratulations!

I will end up with some words that we can find in the booklet: SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI (trans. so passes the glory of the world) and with an appeal – dear: James Murray, Fingers in the Noise, Cygna, Brando Lupi, Miktek, Murya, Martin Nonstatic, Lars Leonhard, AES Dana, Connect.Ohm, Max Million and Zinovia – thank you for giving so much pleasure!

8 / 10