Tara Putra – Hidden Sense

English / Polish version

Tara Putra - Hidden Sense
    Not On Label (Tara Putra Self-released)
    Tara Putra
    Hidden Sense

      1. Tight Flair
      2. Hidden Sense
      3. Sad Cosmos


Above all Tara Putra consists of Marcus Straczkowski, assisted sometimes by F. Wesse and S. Jaik. The beginnings of Tara Putra are connected with releasing of the vinyl called DUA ORANG (M.A.S.H. 2001) and with some single works appearing on many compilations. However the biggest achievement so far is an album released in 2005 – GROOM MOUNTAINS (Spiritual Beings Records). A style, in which Marcus is moving, is a widely comprehended electronic music. In his tracks we can hear psytrance above all, but he does not shun trip hop, drum & bass, dub, and most importantly ambient. And as he says, his music guarantees us a joyful journey into our own mind. The beginning of the year 2010 is the appearance of the next dose of music made by Marcus. The EP called HIDDEN SENSE was supposed to be maintained only in a chillout climate, but we will check in a minute what is inside it.

We are beginning with TIGHT FLAIR which is a melodious jangle. The whole is drifting amongst the delicate and calm atmosphere, and with every sound we are taken, as Marcus says, into the happy travel. TIGHT FLAIR is a blissful land intoxicating us with some light dub, resolute chill and satisfying ambient. The title HIDDEN SENSE already with very name is ordering us to go deep into the meaning of the sounds included in the track number two. The beginning is calm and as the most tuning in for starting the bulk of brain cells. The atmosphere is a little bit mystical, shrouded in mystery. Here there is not, like in the previous track, so much sweet joy, but thanks to some oriental additions we are reaching another dimension of the pleasure. And for sure each of us will find the concealed meaning in his own way. SAD COSMOS is a sad and gloomy story. Everything here is spinning around some black and dark abysses. An omnipresent joy in the works of Tara Putra is turning into the melancholy and grey atmosphere. However the work is suitable for falling asleep during the night and turning unnecessary thoughts off.

HIDDEN SENSE is a surprising and interesting position. There are only three works, but each one is various, each one has a different story, an alternative colour, other dimension. Marcus certainly got it in the positive way and nothing else remains for us just only to wait for the whole psybient album in his performance.

8.5 / 10