[ CHAI SHOP ]English / Polish version

    WHERE: Rybnik
    WHAT: chai-shop
    ALBUM: The Mystery of the Yeti
    PARTY: No Man’s Land 2005
    LIKE: mountains
    DISLIKE: circus
    PRIVATELY: classical philologist

She is the one who will provide an unforgettable flavors,
stimulate and sharpen the senses thanks to the aroma,
which flows from a mystical food and drinks such as masala chai.

She is an admirer of beautiful sounds and good food,
only when these are together, she feels like a fish in the water.
In 2006, during the event Silence! Tech Night 30
in Inqubator club in Katowice she experienced her chai shop debut
which turned out to be a nice fulfillment to the event.
Masala chai, yerba mate and other types of tea, oatmeal cookies,
cheesecakes, salads and various vegetarian dishes add strength and energy
to the tired participants of parties and vary the atmosphere in the club.