English / Polish version

    Compilation (DJ Zen)

      1. Tierra Azul (Vocal Version)
      2. 2012
      3. I’ll Be There
      4. Unity Of Cultures
      5. Magic Species (Kadasarva Rmx)
      6. March Of The Lunar Priests
      7. Raining Over The Sun
      8. Ants World
      9. An Talamh
      10. Lost Island
      CHI A.D


There was air, water and fire. Only the fourth element was still missing. EARTH is the fourth compilation straight from Altar Records. Thinking about the things which are already behind us, I can state for sure that also this time our walk through the blue planet will be very interesting.

The blue Earth in an implementation of a reliable Swedish duo starts our another close encounter with (this time) the ‘earthly’ element. What can I say and write, Vibrasphere once again confirm their greatness. A woman’s vocal lifts us to some new heights, a melody stays in our head for a long time, and if Dj Zen begins his compilation in such a great style one is afraid to think what will happen later. We have little choice but to rub our hands. Cj Catalizer and the year 2012 (already soon). This title could indicate that we have something to fear, but really we get a portion of a sweet and catchy musical feast. A distinctive sound of a piano and a great melody will not give us a taste of a gloomy atmosphere in no way. I’LL BE THERE is a cooperation of Cj Catalizer and Zymosis. The beginning is for me a prologue of a game called Max Payne, that is following a path of blood, we are trying to reach a crying child. A quite dark and mysterious first part of the track, still turns into a brighter and more jaunty happy ending story. UNITY OF CULTURES blossoms slowly. Some individual sounds like an aisle fit together to finally give us a unified and complete whole. The magical vocal, gurgle of water, flowing bass line and an atmosphere of the Orient finally give us a powerful dose of pleasure. MAGIC SPECIES is a cheerful and lively melody with a lot of bubbling and creaking inserts. The whole sometimes poses rather some mixed feelings, it is neither slow nor fast and in any case, I think that it is all quite brazen. After some collaborations of Zymosis with a project called Tentura and vice versa, it is time for a constant frequenter of the ‘elemental’ compilations. RA – MARCH OF THE LUNAR PRIESTS definitely calms the chaos served to us by some predecessors. It turns up the atmosphere, captures by using the vibrant melody, and everyone thirsty jumping will feel fully satisfied. The simple track but with a solid dose of positive emotions. RAINING OVER THE SUN – it should be rather: ‘Burning Over The Sun’. A cloud called Lab’s Cloud takes us on a psybient journey towards the burning sun. The one who felt a little bit of willingness to dance in the previous track, here will find an oasis of calmness and relaxation. Chronos in an interesting and very enjoyable way presents us a microscopic world of ants. If someone during the whole track does not have a smile on his face, he should choose a doctor, because something must be wrong with him. These ants are really sweet. It is time for Charles Farewell, so the highlight appears. AN TALAMH easily sneaks into our mind, finally to kidnap us in a whirl of some fantastic sounds, doing it imperceptibly in a characteristic way for Asura. We have everything what Asura makes best – there is the deep atmosphere, a little bit of mystery, catchy melody and a whole range of some surprising arrangements. Amazing, magical, fabulous and very long we could look for some suitable epithets to describe the achievements of Charles. At the end we get a quite ‘lost’ track. LOST ISLAND is the melting, slightly melancholic atmosphere perfectly fitting to a blissful sleep.

To conclude, I would like to say that EARTH is a compilation with some better and worse positions. With simple but surprising solutions. It harmonizes perfectly with the other elements. This is the compilation, to which it is worth going back and Altar Records with its actions to which we should pay a special attention.

7 / 10