Sundial Aeon – Analysis

English / Polish version

Sundial Aeon - Analysis
    Sundial Aeon

      01. Preface
      02. Synchronicity
      03. Biotransmission
      04. Artifact
      05. Crystal Genesis
      06. Aerospace Labyrinth (Suduaya Remix)
      07. Electric Blowing
      08. Drifting Radio Frequencies
      09. Underwater Railway Station
      10. Sleepy Tranquility


Good, because it is Polish. We often use these words, and they often reflect the facts. A little time has passed since in my speakers echoed the sounds that came from the Polish hands, but once the time has come, I must admit that all my senses have been satisfied. I will not present the group named Sundial Aeon, but it seems to me that it is worth saying a few words about their latest work, ANALYSIS. The album was released on Impact Studio Records and it is a continuation of the series with the suffix ’-is’, and ten varied tracks are its part, which are maintained in a style of up and downbeat. As Sundial Aeon has already accustomed us, part of the compositions will be used for joyous swaying, and the rest will let us sail in a magical lethargy.

This album starts with the slightly downbeat track PREFACE, and a character is added to it by an initial, quiet piano, which resonates in the rest of the track. In a calm and gentle tone, with a smile on our faces, we can continue our laziness with SYNCHRONICITY, which sometimes warms our senses and stimulates the body to a minimum skipping. The pace ceases a little when the next track comes, BIOTRANSMISSION will lead us to sleep a little, but you can certainly feel here that this is the proverbial 'calm before the storm’, which has to come with the next position. ARTIFACT, however does not cause the storm, but stimulates and inspires us positively, but CRYSTAL GENESIS definitely let us swing in a slightly trance climate. Finally, we can change our position from horizontal to vertical and lightly toss our body. In the same position we will still remain, swaying to a remix AEROSPACE LABYRINTH, for which Suduaya, famous from Altar Records, is responsible. As it befits the progressive style of this artist, so this track has been maintained in this kind of climate, which from the first to the last second brings some blissful laziness on our faces. After two slightly energetic productions there comes time to some calm emotions through downtempo injection in a form of ELECTRIC BLOWING, that will turn into DRIFTING RADIO FREQUENCIES. The tracks kept in a quiet mood perfectly contrast with the predecessors and tone down our cheerful aspirations to even more lively rocking. Although DRIFTING RADIO FREQUENCIES incites a little bit and then revs up the atmosphere, which in UNDERWATER RAILWAY STATION will find its satisfaction. The very ending is a typically soothing the energy sensations, downbeat track, SLEEPY TRANQUILITY. As befits the solid album, ot is a great crowning of the whole.

At the end, to my mind there comes only one thought, the one which accompanied me also at the very beginning – it is good, because it is Polish. This album has its pros and cons, but definitely the pros overshadow the cons, and each track fights for itself. The album is recommendable for any time of the day, and most of the tracks will be perfect in many chilloutrooms during the parties.

7 / 10