Entheogenic – Enthymesis

English / Polish version

Entheogenic - Enthymesis

      1. Autopsia
      2. Infrasensory
      3. Planetary Medicine
      4. Silent Knowing
      5. Enthymesis
      6. Eluesis
      7. Spinning Elementary Matter
      8. Terma

It does not matter what the title is, what kind of cover it has, how many tracks it contains and how long you have to wait for its release. Each album of Entheogenic is like shopping at your favourite bakery, it is clear that you can try bakings from other bakeries, test them, admire, sometimes they may even throw us away, but we know that somewhere there is the one, the only one that offers the highest quality products. When you buy there, you always have the confidence that it would be tasteful and you will never get bored of this taste, like the taste of fresh bread. For me, exactly the same situation is with the albums of project Entheogenic, which, as I have often pointed out, I put on a par with the cult (for me) Shpongle and The Infinity Project – they have always been just phenomenal, virtuosic, exceptional and unsurpassed.

Each of their novelty, which appears on the publishing market, effects very positively on my mood, so when the album reviewed by me has appeared, it really made me happy. Eight brand new tracks, among which stand out such hits as, for example the track lasting about 16 minutes, called SPINNING ELEMENTARY MATTER, the title ENTHYMESIS, or the slightly faster, and at the same time ending the album, TERMA really press us in a chair.
Initially, I was a little surprised, because the style, to which Helmut Glavar and Piers Oak-Rhind were able to make us get used to, appears in the album ENTHYMESIS in a slightly different, fresher and inflected version (probably in part this is due to the fact that the project is currently powered only by Piers Oak-Rhind). The Entheogenic style reminds me most of all with a very organic, even plant, floral style, which we can remember from their first albums, such as e.g.: SPONTANEOUS ILLUMINATION or GOLDEN CAP. Of course, it would be an abuse to write, that we cannot find such aesthetic here, but the seasoned, true fans of this project will notice the difference for sure. Is that bad? Definitely not! Surely we can see the so-called common denominator, linking this album with the previous ones, and the tracks in a slightly different, before unknown to me arrangement have a positive impact on the attractiveness of this disc.

I also have to mention the cover of ENTHYMESIS, which not only seems to be inspired by the highly respected and legendary THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON of a British band Pink Floyd, but it is almost an exact copy of it. The artists do not hide their fascination with one of the most popular bands of London underground psychedelic rock scene.

A few words for a summary. First of all, once again I am not disappointed, once again I have received the solid, interesting, proven, yet innovative album, to which I intend to come back very often.

8 / 10