Kaya Project – Elixir

English / Polish version

Kaya Project - Elixir
    Kaya Project

      1. From Mumbai
      2. Good Morning London
      3. Ghasi Ram Blues
      4. 65 Percent
      5. Dark Tabla
      6. Salaam (Kaya Project Remix)
      7. Raag To Ragga
      8. Elixir
      9. Harem Bizzarre
      10. One God Dub
      11. The Flow
      12. Pachamama


Primarily Kaya Project is Sebastian James Taylor, and although the mere name can actually say a little to you, I assure that those who have known the trance scene, for sure had an opportunity to meet with some works of this master. It is enough when I mention just about some projects such as: Shakta, Hibernation, Angel Tears or Digitalis, for which the above-mentioned is responsible and probably right away many of you will nod with a smile in a gesture of understanding: ‘Ah, it was that guy’. Yes, yes, this time Sebastian in a collaboration with Natasha Chamberlain (which feeds the team mainly due to her vocal) decide to set up a new project that focuses on music referring to the Far East, oriental sounds and frankly I admit that it goes them very well. In 2004, thanks to a Canadian label called Interchill Records their debut album WALKING THROUGH is released, which turns out to be a windfall for many chill’o’lovers. Their unique and easily identifiable style conquers rapidly in discussion forums and wins hearts, or rather ears of the listeners. Following up, one year later their second album (sounding very similar) shows up and it is called ELIXIR. Let us see what we can find there:

FROM MUMBAI. The very title shows that at the beginning we are going on a trip to the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. From the outset, we are inundated with sounds that can easily be classified as oriental. A journey on an elephant, making a mandala with the sand, a ride by a rickshaw in the vicinity of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, those are only some of the things that can be seen in this track. As for me, the track is a real B-OM-Baj. GOOD MORNING LONDON. A quick change of location, perhaps even a bit too fast for me. A completely different atmosphere, suitable rather to the most crowded subway station of Piccadilly Circus at rush hours – is this all about it? Or maybe do I misinterprete the track? GHASI RAM BLUES. Oh la la! What is it this time? For a change we can hear the blues track, of which even B.B. King would not be ashamed, in addition it is served with some Far Eastern samples and gives really… an original impression. But how this track relates to its predecessors, please do not ask. 65 PERCENT. And this is precisely Kaya Project, which I like and appreciate the most, without some undue experimentations (which does not always come out best). A theme of ‘the dripping water’ is very soothing as always, and combined with a nice beat to the ear it may actually be fancy. DARK TABLA – maintained in the similar climate as its predecessor, but much richer instrumentation is used here, a tempo is slightly turned up, and it is all within the limits of decency. SALAAM. Irina Mikhailova, who hypnotizes with her voice in the remix of Kaya Project, it is still balancing on the thin line between the world of the Orient, and modern electronics at its best. RAAG TO RAGGA similar to the subsequent ELIXIR, HAREM BIZZARRE, ONE GOD DUB, are another Eastern-sounding tracks, and if we want to hear something unique, it will be the ideal choice. THE FLOW distinguishes by the characteristic vocal and it is definitely gentler than its predecessors. Kind of like the track PACHAMAMA ending the album, which was once summed up by one of my friends in this way: ‘it is so quiet that you can not almost hear it’.

To be honest, somehow much more meaningful to me is the previous album of Kaya Project. There is a little too much experimentation here, especially in the initial tracks of the album ELIXIR. However you could write anything about it, it is hard to fault the album that it is average, about which probably you will convince yourselves, listening to those ethnic sounds.


7 / 10