Fahrenheit Project Part Seven

English / Polish version

Fahrenheit Project Part Seven
    Fahrenheit Project Part Seven

      1. Silenzio Delle Sirene
      2. Millenium 3
      3. Memories Maze
      4. Feller Buncher
      5. Signals
      6. Final
      7. Su Abir
      8. Gedanken Wie Diese
      9. Hundred Miles
      10. OnFlow


Ten years ago, in January 2001, the first compilation FAHRENHEIT PROJECT was released. A hand-held, last record of a series tends to carry a small statistics: seventy-four tracks, or four hundred eighty-three minutes of great music performed by thirty three artists (Atoi, Jaia, Asura, Toires, Hol Bauman, Solar Fields, Chi. A.D, Distortion Orchestra, Mystical Sun, Craig Padilla, TrueFrequencies, Robert Rich, Vibrasphere, Khetzal, Nucreal Ramjet, Cell, Koala, H.U.V.A. Network, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Puff Dragon, Aural Planet, Ochi Brothers, Great Leap Forward, Sync24, Scann-Tec, Irukandji, Sundial, Gaiana, Astropilot, Circular, Cygna, Field Rotation oraz Maurizzio Piazza) that is a result of Ultimae Records’ collaboration with the best musicians from around the world. It is a piece of history and a picture of an evolution that has taken place in psybient music. Each album is an incredible experience, a journey to some exciting border regions of downtempo and ambient music. This music is uplifting, relaxing, awakens even the most deeply hidden layers of vulnerability, drips with emotions and poures them into the hearts of listeners, and what is important – it is created on the highest level of technics and quality.

The last album of FAHRENHEIT project is opened by Gaiana, a Lithuanian project, which was established in spring 2006, and is formed by Adomas ‘Gido’ and Robin ‘Bluestorm’. The idea of the musicians was to transfer the energy of pure and untouched nature of Lithuania to the music created by them. The sounds of SILENZIO DELLE SIRENE is very refreshing. The tunes seem to melt away over the endless meadows, acting in the line between heaven and earth. MILLENNIUM 3 by Asura is sometimes an euphoric, sometimes a lyrical carrier of a large dose of energy. Also Astropilot in MEMORIES MAZE consistently builds an excitant climate bordering on morning trance. Deep and spacious FELLER BUNCHER performed by Circular is an announcement of a change of pace that Scann-Tec brings. I have an impression that the track SIGNALS begins a more atmospheric part of this album. Hol Baumann is my hero, and his FINAL (MAX MILLION RMX) definitely helps him to maintain the highest place on the pedestal. A path starts very slowly, as if the sounds were a sophisticated appetizer, before even more exquisite main course. The theme will carve some deep troughs even in the most petrified hearts – beware you tough guys! SU ABIR by the project Cygna is the carrier of some elusive energy, infinite depth – something like you were to stretch the bottom of the ocean to infinity and close sounds between the drops that make it up. A postcard from Laika adrift among the stars, with some unlimited time to admire their beauty. GEDANKEN WIE DIESE is one of my favourites. The warm, soft bass provides the backdrop for the sound-pins clearly contrasting with it. The whole is melancholic, thought-provoking, but like with a message that in effect everything will be fine. Bravo to Field Rotation! Since a long time nothing has moved me like that track… HUNDRED MILES by Maurizio Piazza in the lion’s share is the cheerful track as a sated bee in a spring season, but in moments when the beat is thinning and the sounds of the main theme are crawling out from him, the impression is altered forever. The final track is ONFLOW by Solar Fields. I must confess that for a long time I could not listen to his music. I had the impression that it is too sterile, too perfect, and for this reason also ‘inhuman’. It seemed impossible to me that a man was able to create such works composed perfectly, in a sense their perfection terrified me. Today, although in the case of my reception of sounds from the sign of Solar Fields nothing has changed, then I greet with delight and I accept with humility that they are created by man (I saw with my own eyes!). Probably the only reasonable solution was to complete the project FAHRENHEIT with a track of a master – a master ending of a masterclass series!


8.5 / 10
Beata Brzoza