Tengri – Shipibo

English / Polish version

Tengri - Shipibo

      1. Chasing The Sun
      2. Shipibo
      3. Everything Worth Disproving
      4. Rosetta Stone


Till now it has never happened to me to review any kind of EP, but as soon as I discovered that Tengri, whom I have met this year through an album called ICAROS, once more draws an attention to himself even before the end of the year 2013, I could not miss such a chance. After listening to ICAROS I had a very positive impression, and I was curious what will be the new proposal of the Macedonian artist, Leonid Golcev. The information, that again in case of the project Tengri, Vincent Villuis himself made the mastering of the tracks from the new material, provided me with an additional stimulus for reviewing the EP having a significant title – SHIPIBO.

As for me, Tengri is the biggest discovery of the year 2013. Golcev creates exactly the type of music that suits me the most, its climate reminds me a bit of productions of Ekoplex, Entheogenic, sometimes even the older tracks of Shpongle, Infinity Project. SHIPIBO is a very tribal, shamanic, ethnic music portion, which together with the rapid, specific beat creates a whole, which I buy right away. Really for a very long time I have not felt this kind of musical hunger, just as now, after hearing four tracks: CHASING THE SUN, the title SHIPIBO, EVERYTHING WORTH DISPROVING and ROSETTA STONE. It is exactly how it should be for the EP – just to encourage, intrigue, give a foretaste of what will wait on the other side for the listener in the case of releasing a full album.

During my adventure with Tengri’s EP, I could not inquire, where does the name SHIPIBO come from, and what does it really mean. This term describes the Indians living in Peru, mainly in the areas of the Amazon rainforest. At this point, the climate, which Tengri forms in his EP, the cover, the title seem to form a logical whole. You can see that Leonid Golcev has a great idea for his work and holds up his vision of music and culture.

With a full responsibility I can judge that this EP is really a brilliant one and actually I will not do anything more than just add a small appeal to the artist himself: Tengri, show mercy… please, do not wait too long to release a full album!

10 / 10