English / Polish version


      1. Sub Strata
      2. Light Tails
      3. Distant Industries
      4. Principles of Gravity
      AES DANA
      5. Homo Imperceptibilis
      6. Sun Ritual
      7. Hyades
      8. V.A.N.T.A.
      9. Why
      10. Ominous Ride


Countless is the number of feasts, which the gods of Olympus made, countless is also a measure of 'the food of the gods’ which was distributed by Hebe and Ganymede, invaluable is the strength of AMBROSIA, which was used by the omnipotent. The eternal youth and first of all the immortality are the benefits of this amazing food – this aliment which today is used by the French label Ultimae Records to feed us. The nourishment with some miraculous properties becomes a source of some experiments of a Greek artist called Fishimself who in the next compilation of the label from Lyon juxtaposes together a world of demigods with two great masters. The names Max Million, Miktek, Memphidos do not tell me anything, but Aes Dana and Asura speak for themself. Comparing with each other nothing and so much, for the first time I have completely no idea what to expect from the French (or rather Greek-French) compilation. There is nothing else left just to taste the AMBROSIA.

Max Million & Gusk probably quite often have tasted ambrosia, and the hills of Olympus are not foreign to them. SUB STRATA appears to be a song which cheers to fight, and its breakbeat nature combined with some strong tunes gives a very positive impact. There are also some softer and quieter moments that allow for a systematic and slow drainage. An immersion into a remote, ancient world is a merit of the second track (LIGHT TAILS), which maunders around like a melancholy shadow of the setting sun. The third one (DISTANT INDUSTRIES) is a mixture of psychill on a very good level with a broken beat located on the level that is just good. An interesting blend of styles, some voices coming from somewhere in the distance create an atmosphere of the pleasant relaxation. Now it is a turn for the first of the great in this compilation. Aes Dana in his own style, through a pensive and mysterious start bombards us with the thing that is proven and popular. How is it that some schemes common for years, constantly repeated, slightly modified, each time taste the same and even better? Definitely better! PRINCIPLES OF GRAVITY acts like a shot of ambrosia – it animates a body, mind, and of course it gives wings to fly. HOMO IMPERCEPTIBILIS does not give as great 'kick’ as Aes Dana has given a moment before. Sygnals in his production does not stand out by anything particular, but also it does not stick out from the rest. In a psychill sheath he feels great and he allows us to saturate enough by using his sounds. SUN RITUAL is by far the most mysterious track on the disc. It enchants from the very beginning, first by using the long acoustic sounds, then by the characteristic beat practically for the entire CD, and at the very end again by the acoustic reverie.

Honestly, for me this production is a little bit dull, but it is possible that along with some further listening I will find much more in it. Mythological Greece is not only Olympus littered with roses and ubiquitous ambrosia, but that are also the gates of hell leading directly to H(y)ades. This is where for a dark ambient crossing through the Styx takes us Alpha Tek, who acts as Charon. However, the crossing seems to be dark only apparently. It ends quickly and does not leave any trace of itself – what a pity. The potential of this track was not fully exploited here. The second of the great – Asura. Characteristically and yet interesting. For the plus supports the use of some choral vocals, adding a dark style but a drawback is that it has a little panache and freshness. However, as befits Charles, it is still the world level in building the solemn atmosphere, and it deserves more than just a modest plus. Memphidos in a downbeat aura will take us through the hanging gardens of Semiramis, he will allow for relaxation and certainly we will not ask ourselves a question WHY. Together with OMINOUS RIDE ends our dose of ambrosia, applied by Fishimself. Miktek in the soothing style, like a physician of souls and weary body, ends our journey through the colorful and mysterious Olympus.

The question that we have asked at the outset, what to expect, was important. This is not a standard production, to which we got used by Ultimae Records. It is all thanks to a large dose of new Greek so far unknown talents that by their productions have made that AMBROSIA has gained the interesting and varied style. Soft ambient, some acoustic melodies, breakbeat nature, downbeat landscapes, but also plenty of proven and excellent psychill cause that it is worth to apply a little bit of 'the food of the gods’.

7 / 10