Ethneomystica Vol. 2

English / Polish version

Ethneomystica Vol. 2
    Ethneomystica Vol. 2

      01. One With Nature
      02. Winter Dub Shelter
      03. Diviner’s Stage
      04. Touchy Subject
      05. They Always Come At Night
      06. Deep Tone
      Wolfen Technologies feat. Sukhush
      07. Initial Conditions
      08. Sun Makes Everything More Beauitiful
      Harmonic Frequencies
      09. Leelah
      10. Too Long At The Sun
      Perpetual Loop


Alla Vagner and Edward Cybered are not wasting their time and for sure they can sum up the year 2014 as the very successful one. Mystic Sound Records – a label founded by them, can boast that it released an album of Chronos, an EP of Naturelement or a compilation cycle named ETHNEOMYSTICA, and all this in less than twelve months. It is the second part of this series that has sounded from the speakers of my home base, and because some time ago I could listen to its first part, I just had to look what this time serves us Maiia in this compilation.

From the very beginning we can assume that ETHNEOMYSTICA VOL. 2 was maintained in the same style as its first part, namely in dub and ambient arrangements. However, this time most of the artists are from some new projects that build new and hitherto not known on the music scene. Even the first on the list – Bioscape, which lulls us using the tones that sound like they came from the hands of Ott. His ONE WITH NATURE is a soothing journey among some green trees, swaying by the light wind, let’s just hope it’s a great little dub warm up before the rest of the compilation. A Portuguese, Yechidah and his track is quite another piece of bread than its predecessor. WINTER DUB SHELTER primarily is made of some sophisticated inserts of the Orient, clothed with dub electronic clanking. The Greek project, Naturelement has already recorded one EP and by small steps it is trying to mark itself in the world of psychill artists, and its DIVINER’S STAGE is just an example of great work, which will give each of us an amazing, energetic kick. Looking at the achievements of the past, Supersillyus has been present on the stage for a long time, but somehow he had never made ​​himself known in a wider scale. This time his little bit breakbeat TOUCHY SUBJECT calms our body after the energetic predecessor. For us THEY ALWAYS COME AT NIGHT will be a component of the total tranquility and relaxation. This quiet, almost hypnotic track fits well to the lazy resting. Wolfen Technologies with Sukhush and their DEEP TONE for me is hard to interpret in any way, this is a strange mix of styles, which, for my taste has nothing in common. It is a conglomeration of multi-species, which for me is too much over-inflated by both artists. Morison Bennett, that is Globular has repeatedly made ​​himself known, and his productions are the essence of the organic sounds. And this time also, thanks to INITIAL CONDITIONS we feel like in the middle of an enormous botanical garden, where we find the strangest flora and fauna of the world. SUN MAKES EVERYTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL – and how can we not agree with Harmonic Frequencies. The rest in this track is unnecessary, all we have to do is to sit in front of the sun and drown in its rays. LEELAH performed by Chronos sounds like the soundtrack of the movie 'Requiem for a Dream’, which was originally composed by Clint Mansell. However, Chronos version is quite a different perspective on this track, it was deprived of its nobility, which was replaced by some breakbeat sounds. The compilation ends with Perpetual Loop’s track that at first seems to be the one that will take us into the world of harmonious sleep, but every second we get something more, and our journey through the world of ETHNEOMYSTICA ends rather in joyous circumstances.

To be honest, the initial assumption, that the compilation primarily will consist of some dub themes, has already been confusing at the third track. Most of all, the second part of the compilation ETHNEOMYSTICA is a greater variety of styles, mixed and compiled together in a rather interesting way. Probably the second part will be the one, to which I will return more often.

7.5 / 10