Magic Sound Fabric – Freedom Star

English / Polish version

Magic Sound Fabric - Freedom Star
    Magic Sound Fabric
    Freedom Star

      1. Freedom Star
      2. We Are All Connected
      3. Cosmic Consciousness
      4. Suns Of Sun
      5. Flight Of The Purple Energetics
      6. I Am The Wave
      7. Perfect Light
      8. Risen City Of Electro
      9. Edenexus


I am opening my eyes. Actually, only therefore I am trying to do it, because the morning rays of sunshine cause that I am screwing them humbly blinded with their glitter. As always, quickly I am trying to establish where I woke up this time. What role will I impersonate today? The capacity of my mind limited for sure is preparing next new tasks to which I will equal today. So, what kind of a mask should I put on today? Should I become a begging haridźana somewhere in the street of Calcutta? Or a Buddhist monk sweeping the leaves up in front of the monastery in Tibet? A leader of a religious sect? A spiritual guru? Or someone completely different…

Listening to Magic Sound Fabric I can do almost everything. Starting from FREEDOM STAR that is the star which exactly shows us the direction in which one should go to find the lost freedom. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED – a delicate, but also pleasing to the ear vocal suggests some truths which we should remember still from the childhood. They remind me of these light-hearted moments when I have experienced the power of the nature for the first time, e.g. by looking at the dormant sky during some warm, summer nights. COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. In the distance you can hear a hong of flying cranes, frogs’ croaking and some laborious and hypnotic rhythms played by cicadas also do not let to forget about themselves. The consciousness of the universe. SUNS OF SUN – a clear, happy, warm mood is accompanying me because what other atmosphere could keep me company while listening to this track. It is warming up very long after all in order to pour us with some sounds forcing to close our eyes once again. However it is only a prelude to that what is supposed to happen in a minute. FLIGHT OF THE PURPLE ENERGETICS – it is flying through our body with the speed of the lightning, however it is perceptible still very long. Some kind of a tune, a delicate beat, a vocal heard somewhere in the background. Probably it is time to change the scenery a little bit. I AM THE WAVE – however in spite of some strenuous efforts somehow this title wave seems sluggish. The track is made just like there has been no idea, it is probably lacking of… everything. I, as the wave – generally speaking it is not convincing for me. It looks completely different in the next track titled PERFECT LIGHT. Perhaps the climate is similar to the predecessor, however it is more worked out, more pleasant in the receipt, it is not tiring the ear; a pleasant beat and a mysterious fx accessing in the half of the track are adding a piquancy to it and causes that attentively we are trying to spot the mysteriously sounding voice in the background (the discerning people should hear what that man is talking about). RISEN CITY OF ELECTRO – it is the next ‘average track’ completing the album. Does the album seem to be more excellent, when it contains more tracks? I willingly would get rid of a few here, creating a really valuable CD in the process. EDENEXUS finishing my adventure with Magic Sound Fabric is probably the best titbit I have found while listening FREEDOM STAR. Maybe in accordance with the principle that ‘the best you leave for the dessert’?

Suming up these nine more or less successful tracks, I have very mixed feelings. There were some moments when I thought that it was a really boring one, an album to which you never go back. However with a great responsibility I assure that there are also some tracks here which cause a gooseflesh on the body and they seem to be an ideal definition of a perfect music.

6 / 10