Bob T.racker – Streets & Trees

English / Polish version

Bob T.racker - Streets & Trees
    Bob T.racker
    Streets & Trees

      1. Dull Dense Riddle Doors
      2. Portamentobservatory Carbon
      3. 2.22 Urban Redent


Bob T.racker sounds a little bit strange but not entirely. Christophe Fabulet from France is hidden behind this pseudonym. He has begun his adventure with electronic music with a cult album of Jean Michel Jarre – OXYGENE. However a style in which he feels best is ambient/chillout and it is a merit of a formation The KLF and the album called CHILLOUT which was published in 1990 – as he says this album is a revolution of his mind. The productions of Christophe are a relation between people and the nature. By using some sounds he tries to get closer to the things which surround us; he lets us see the wind, taste the sun and smell the aroma of the sound. We could encounter his productions even in one of crowning compilations of Ultimae Records – OXYCANTA WINTER BLOOMS, and thanks to Sonic Motion Records in the compilation called SONIC ATMOSPHERE. What has recently fallen into my hands is a free EP – STREETS & TREES. Let us see how it tastes.

The EP includes three tracks which were composed in a very similar way, no matter how we look at them. Peace and tranquility dominate them. There is a lack of some rapid bursts which could raise our body towards the sky. The only thing that comes to my mind is a thought that this is a perfect dose of music which is ideal for a blissful sleep. DULL DENSE RIDDLE DOORS soothes us with its mildness, light rustles and murmurs. A delicate evanescent beat allows us to sail to the land of a fantasy and unfulfilled dreams. It is matching perfectly with a starry sky and sleeping in the bosom of the nature. 2.22 URBAN REDENT has saddened me with the fact that it is too short. It ends at a time when it really has not begun yet. Every sound brings us even closer to the world of unforgettable dreams. It twists, spins and lets some moments of forgetfulness. Only why so short? I demand more! And finally the last one – PORTAMENTOBSERVATORY CARBON (could it be a reference to Carbon Based Lifeforms?). It is quiet, calm and gentle. Minimally smelling of the Oriental culture. Also it is pleasant and certainly does not disturb the activity called sleeping.

I will probably return to those dozen or so soothing minutes not only once or twice, and if anyone has trouble with falling asleep, exactly now he has found the medication for that.

8 / 10