Enfold 01

English / Polish version

Enfold 01
    Enfold 01

      1. Rewind
      2. Sensitive Mind
      3. Winter Shell
      I AWAKE
      4. Oak Branches
      5. Frost
      6. Serene
      7. Lunokhod (Winter mix)
      8. Blue Fish (Winter Mix)
      9. Lumière Noire
      10. Beneath
      AES DANA


Oneiric, maintained in a winter climate – this is a characteristics of ENFOLD 01, the first volume of a new compilation from Ultimae, which was given to us all by the label as a Christmas gift, just a day before the Christmas Eve of the year 2014, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Fifteen years is a significant amount of time to develop a good name and reputation in the music scene, but it is also the time that not everyone is able to reach, because the ideas can come to an end, the listeners can change their attitudes, expectations, or just the ones who created the music so far, for various reasons, can change the vicissitudes of their life. In the case of Ultimae, none of these concerns happened – after fifteen years of their activity, once again we get an appetizing material and we do not feel disappointed.

For me, ENFOLD 01 is a true winter compilation, not just because of the fact that the word 'winter’ appears in some of the track titles, not because the winter is portrayed on the cover (some frosted plants), but mostly because of winter landscapes that arise in my mind while listening to this material. As the Ultimae members admit, this compilation was assumed to consist of some gentle, mild and chill tracks. That was the idea when choosing the material for this album and in my opinion it has been implemented. Scann-Tec, Fingers In the Noise, I Awake, Martin non-Static, Lars Leonhard, Miktek, Circular, Master Margherita & Ermetico, Asura and Aes Dana – ten names which hasn’t been selected for the compilation ENFOLD 01 coincidentally. Considering the compilation was released on the occasion of fifteen years of label’s existence, which brings together a galaxy of brilliant artists, operating under the name of Ultimae for many years, and the fact that for this type of anniversaries the crème de la crème should be selected, I wonder if these names were selected for some special reason or maybe they are just the first group of artists opening a series of ENFOLD compilations, and in the future, in subsequent volumes we will find the rest of the team. Time will tell…

I would not be myself if after listening to the disc I had no favourite tracks. Circular, Master Margherita & Ermetico, Aes Dana – for me, these artists have shown the most interesting proposals in this compilation, the rest remains at a very good level, but is a little bit sleepy, and I think I want to try something new. The Ultimae gift proved to be a great complement to the Christmas break, when I has more time to wind down, rest and relax, but it was also a nice companion through the snowy, mountain hiking trails, among trees covered with white down and finally in a warm shelter, when outside the window there was the bitter cold, and I enjoyed the music and hot tea with raspberry juice.
I can summarize the compilation briefly: ENFOLD 01 is the gift that corresponds to my tastes and you should issue your own opinion: http://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/enfold-01-2

8 / 10