[ Syndromm ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Mielec / Cracow
    WHAT: soft bass
    ALBUM: vinyl only
    PARTY: all open air parties or festivals
    LIKE: playstation 3
    DISLIKE: money
    PRIVATELY: Piotruś / Pejocik
    Official Site

Piotr Pięta – a dj, co-founder of the Syndromm collective and progressive sound lover.
His first contact with the trance music was about 2003, when he received a CD from his (still not) acquaintance Kodda. The CD contained mp3 files with goa music. And immediately he knew that what he heard was exactly what he has been searching for many years. Some time later he decided to set up a ‘more official group’ with his friend Kodda; it was the beginning of Syndromm. At the beginning, the main aim of Syndromm was to support the activities of electronic scene in their home town – Mielec. The group quickly expanded and developed not only the number of its members, but also the area of operations in Poland. The first party at which Peyot played was ‘Trasakcja 2’ at Night Club in Mielec in February 2005. His favourite then and now genre – progressive trance met with a great enthusiasm of the audience in Mielec. Peyot had an opportunity to visit a lot of psychedelic parties and events both in the clubs and outside them… You could have listened to him in Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Rzeszów, Gdańsk and Jelenia Góra. Piotr’s distinctive style, once called ‘sounds of plants’ is a fusion of the best progressive trance sounds and its hybrids. His sets usually contain vigorous or deep minimal tracks depending on the location, time of a day, atmosphere, etc. After some time he decided to leave his country and start a new adventure in Great Britain, where he began to collect his vinyl record libraries, and became a true lover of the vinyl. Peyot’s favourite labels are: Iboga, Digital Structures, Zenon, selected productions of IONO or Spiral Trax. The older the better.